Issues with the Youl festival


The Youl festival has a major problem with it. You only give 2 missions per day. For the past several days I only get missions for running the drone sites and for mining.

Was this designed on purpose? If so it was a pretty bad design because I hope you guys know that not everyone has mining skills and that there are people out there who detest mining and do not want to do it.

Was it also part of intended design that the missions never change? Everyday keep getting back the same missions of clearing a rogue drone site and mining.

This means there are some people out there who effectively can only do 1 mission a day especially if they do not have mining skills. Seems pretty silly. Especially after finding out some people have gotten missions for clearing out the drone sites and another mission for destroying drones.

Could CCP please just make it so that you have access to all missions but that you choose which ones you get to do? Wouldn’t that be a better idea and it would stop some players from having to do something they do not like, ie mining.

Thanks CCP I hope you have a good New Year and fix this fingers crossed

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I’m suffering the same thing on 2 accounts. One of my accounts gave me 2 combat missions, and getting the event finished wasn’t too bad. Two other accounts, however, get the same thing every day - mining, and combat. I’m not a miner, so it takes 2 hours to get the same number of points it took 10 minutes to get on my double-combat missions account. That’s absurd and unfair. I just checked this morning, and it’s the same - a combat and a mining, which takes an absurd amount of time in a frigate.

Not a very festive experience.

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