Yoiul Festival challenges are exclusive

After playing the Yoiul Festival for a while, I’ve noticed that the challenges at some point exclude one of the challenge types. In this case, I’ve managed to get 2 Exploration and 2 Combat challenges with no mining challenges. This means that miners are excluded at this point from the challenge part of the event.

Yoiul Fest

It should rather work that each challenge type gets 1 challenge (combat, exploration, mining) and then the fourth one is random. That way everyone can be included.

The combat and exploration sites are not newbro friendly at all, so it’s not something that someone can just go do on a whim. It needs a lot of preparation, ISK, and training. Isn’t the whole point of these events to be inclusive to everyone?


no. …

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grab 6 mil heron on day one character and print isk in LS. No SP required. You just need to understand scanning and hacking game.

Combat sites? There is already bunch of videos for cheap praxis.

And most of tasks like exploration can be repeated infinite times. I get around 200 points doing exploration only in one day. I expect that combat and mining is same thing.

List on your left is not full list of active challenges you currently have. Open agency to see full list.

Do actually event and try thing out before you start complaining…

Edit: I actually run out of exploration tasks. So there is some sort of limit or RNG.

Maybe you should stop complaining about what you imagine is people complaining.

When people point things out and suggest maybe there is a problem and ask questions, its not always a complaint. In fact, the OP seems unaffected by all this and is probably omega. I am omega too and I sometimes point things about about alpha limitations. Can’t we just talk about it without instant accusations of complaining?


I probably overdid whole complaining thing. But spreading false information without spending few seconds to test things yourself. Made me upset. Especially when OP himself did exploration and claim it needs any preparation. I get it. Cloaky ships or even covop have advantage but you only need starter ship, sisters probes and t1 exploration frigate to do those sites in LS (didn’t do them anywhere else).

With that 1 mil SP you get for start. I’m quite certain that you will be able to do combat sites.

Ice require omega and this is only hard limit in event.

Anyway I got upset because OP went straight to conclusions without any effort to actually try and test event.

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These appear to be randomized on a per-player basis, not a set rotation for all players. I’ve seen other players comment about only having mining ones left after doing several combat/exploration options, and since they do not have ice mining trained they get stuck.


Exactly my point. Mine just happened to exclude mining, but it could be any of the 3 types. Which is why I suggested that there should be 1 of each type and then the 4th is random.

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Yet you make assumptions that I did not try the event? I’ve tried the combat and the exploration. Combat is extremely tough for a single player and a Praxis does not cut it, sorry. It only worked on day 1 when the combat sites were a little easier. As we know, events tend to escalate in difficulty as they go on. Now a bling Sacrilege that was doing perfectly fine at the start is beginning to struggle in the combat. Does that sound newbro friendly? Didn’t think so.
As for your exploration, since when is Low Sec newbro friendly? Unless they join some corp that owns it, it’s not a good place to start out. I’ve also tried the sites with a starter ship and amazingly enough… I can’t even scan down the site.
So please… Don’t make assumptions about people making assumptions.


Yet, people do them in gilas for example…

Data sites are LS exclusive? No one will tell newbro to do exploration in hisec. Not even as part of event. And LS is much safer than null for this. Normally, people will send them to null straight away. They don’t need to take risk, and if they want. They have less risk with more reward compared to normal start in exploration career.

I actually met yesterday 4 days old newbie trying out sites. Not even using sisters probes. Surprisingly enough, he claimed that he actually got some loot.

I know it’s possible and I saw other people doing it. And just because someone can’t chain sites one after another like characters with more SP and isk. It doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t try the event. One successful can probably will be game changing jackpot. You also need to lose your first ship somewhere. Sooner it will happen the better.

and the botom line is, that CCP never said that this is designed for new players.

Yeah, I don’t buy this. I use a Sacrilege - I’ve seen Gila’s come and go with the 1st spawn already because they suffer chronic drone munch (even with the tasty bonus). A Gila without its drones is like a bicycle without its pedals. I only apply drones on the final Battleship after I’m within 15km and drawn full agro. Otherwise HAMs are my friend.

You need 90+ scan strength to scan. I’ve tried with 84 and got nowhere (about 90%). After that, I used a 109 scan strength Stratios and was fine at 0.25au. Overkill, but I’m not convinced newbro’s are scanning at 90+ from the get-go. No Sisters? What ship? What level of level of training on it?

Ok, I think that’s the OP’s point - it wasn’t a complaint, it was an observation. So your point is merely to emphasise the OP’s point from CCP’s perspective.

Reposition your probes if you can’t scan by just going to 0.25 AU and you are as near as 90%. Tighten them bit more and you should be golden.
As I said before. I saw few t1 frigs using t1 probes actually warping to the sites. So it is possible.
Same goes to gila. It is not fast not optimal but it can do it.

Also, friendship is best solution to combat sites. Can’t do it alone, bring friend It will be super expirience for new player. Much better than max efficiency grind.

I’ve played enough to know how this works. I used a ship without a scan bonus, but a probe buff in the rigs. My scan skills are L5. A T1 explo frig with scan bonuses may get there - but that assumes the newbro has already done at least L4, if not L5 for the per-level bonuses. I can’t see a 4 day old newbro being there when there are other core skills more important to get him around and do more optimised fitments.

A Gila carries 10 medium drones for which it is bonused. If those drones are constantly managed by return and send in setup groups - sure. But the Gila’s I’ve seen (and I’ve done at least 80 sites solo) - have never hung around operating in this way. It’s not optimal. I used a Gila for Trig invaded systems when they first came about. It was terrible for the same reasons. But all of this is theoretical - a Gila is a 200M ship and beyond newbro affordability anyway - which I think was the point the OP was getting to regarding the event.

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Agreed Gem Blackmore - and I noticed the very same thing(s).

I have alts with 5 years of skills maxing the important ones, and I can barely do combat sites in hisec with a maxed out tripple repped Myrm with nanobot accelerators II / nano pump ii 's and the works.
I see other older players being able to do them in Drake Navy’s - but cant imagine a newplayer will have enough of battlecruiser skills for them to work even if they could sit in one / fly one.

Which ships are newbros supposed to use? how on earth are they going to survive in lowsec sites?
Also the battleship loot could have been locked to the person starting the site, as it is it just takes a “veteran” a battleship of any kind almost to do more damage or even a small tractor beam unit to just grab the loot, so basically every time a bigger ship enters the site you’re in, all you can do is warp off, since you cant fight, you wont get higher damage and you cant spare CPU for a tractor beam if you are to have any chance fighting the rats. Thats not exactly “gameplay”, thats just a guy warping in saying “my ship is bigger than yours / I have more skills than you”. It’s not as if this creates “captivating” PvP in any way shape or form, except maybe between really veteran players who can evaluate the other guys ship and find out if they are equal enough in strength to even bother fighting over the loot (in hisec).

it’s not exactly a way of giving the newplayers a “good game” or “gameplay” or anything. I’ve done quite a lot of sites and seen and “heard” newplayers in local being seriously annoyed at this, as it happens every 2-5 minutes in systems with a lot of people, and some newplayers being chased off their loot for the 4th or 5th time or more, even though anyone could have multiple highsec filaments and warp off if someone has already started a site.

Don’t know how many ships you want a newplayer to loose in lowsec either, so very curious how they are supposed to manage doing any sites at all in lowsec and ever get any loot with the sites rat being as hard as they are even in hisec.

But knowing most likely nothing will be done about this in the short time left I guess this is just a way of recording how the mechanics worked this time - “for posterity”, - and I can say “at least I tried” of course…

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Why should the rules for these sites be any different from those of other sites?

CCP is under no obligation to have every event incorporate components for every player or play style - look at all the killing sprees, increased player loot drop rates, Proving Grounds, etc. They happened to incorporate more in this event by having components across multiple play styles, but they aren’t required to do so, nor to accomodate every skill level when doing so.

If you don’t care for the event, don’t take part. If you chose to develop your character in a different direction, or are not yet in a position to solo the content, consider alternate ways of getting the rewards - including buying them on the market, stealing them from other players, or operating in fleets.

You misunderstand my point completely - I have no problem running the sites in expensive blingy battleships or Gilas or whatever - I’ve played eve for half a decade now. I am thinking of the newplayer experience.
Hisec functions as a place for new players to explore the game - and I merely tested the hisec path in this because I have an alt in hisec, and well, because some of it IS in hisec, and took note that this was not exactly great for newplayer retention. I want more people to keep playing EVE, stay in EVE and start enjoying EVE. What I dont want to see is extremely easy ways for older players to just grab the lowest hanging fruit possible FROM the newplayer and in the process just disgusting the new players so much that they leave.

There are countless finer points here as well as important ones - but as you have taken your position in the usual manner I wont waste my time or energy explaining any of them to you.
And finally - nowhere have I even alluded to CCP ever having any “obligation” to do anything.

I just hope they can come up with stuff for newplayers that keep them playing and make EVE bigger and more healthy, not smaller and needing to squeeze yet more money from the most loyal fans who actually stick around. We might see a day when Pearl Abyss starts demanding more profits from EVE than they already do for one thing. But that’s an aside.
I have had my say.
Have a nice evening. o7

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I salute your patience in the face of the preposterous allegations that were directed at you. You are a better poster than I.

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I’m a semi newbro… I think the term is rebro. From what I can see, the event is very newbro friendly. There is a mixture of Combat, Exploration and Mining. Compared to the Crimson harvest event; this is like shooting fish in a barrel. I freely admit I am lucky in that I can do a variety of things and fly most ship types but that is where I see this event being more inclusive.

The combat site is pretty timid and I’ve seen a wide range of ship types completing the sites. Yes its competitive but so isall of New Eden. There are many ways to skin a cat (knives preffered) and this is a social game so the combat sites can be run in a fleet just as much as being run solo. Since coming back I’ve been sitting in a channel with some new guys I met. They are having no issues running the combat sites. One of which is using the filaments to jump to the null sec sites. Kinda putting me to shame as I’m a total high sec carebear. Is it more challenging for a newbro ? Well of course it will be. New Eden scales in difficulty. Can a newbro run a L4 on their first day ? Doubtfull; but this is the way.

The exploration site I find more frustrating because of the crappy bug with jumping to a system with multiple sites listed in the Agency and then jumping in the system and finding nada. Or sites just vanishing from the scan window. I did read on Eve Uni that you only need 80 ish to find a site and tbh that seems to play out. Again, the newbros that I’m hanging with do very well with exploration and scan the sites down easily. The discussion I had this evening was comparing content. I prefer the combat sites because I do have that blingy battleship and tbh thats where my skill lie. They seem to prefer the scanning because jumping to null has less risk in a cheap throwaway scanning frigate.

The mining I am unsure about tbh. It appears to have the least risk and is the least competitive content. Dropping the blocks for the rewards is very very simple and there are enough blocks in the belt that you needent worry about getting poached or struggling to find a signature. Open scanner, warp, mine, profit… Is the ice mining newbro friendly… of course it is. Is it alpha friendly… Well, no.

As to the “randomness” of the tasks I will have to agreee to disagree. Being a carebear extraordinaire. I refuse to go into the scary places. On day 2 my tasks were exploration/mining and go to low sec and complete a site and go to null sec to complete a site. However, I have still managed to “complete” the event using only 2/4 slots randomly changing challenges. Considering there is still time to go I don’t think that it will get to a point where you are completley cut off from 650 points.

The rewards from the event; and lets be honest about what really matters. are available to everyone. This event offers 3 different playstyles and the difficuty level isn’t that challenging. Again, compared to Crimson Harvest, this event is a cakewalk. If you did get cut off from gaining event points, you can still earn the rewards from the sites themselves. The actual event rewards are a pittance in comparrison. So, for me, its kinda a non issue.

My bugbear is the skins aren’t balanced. As a Minmatar pilot, there is little on offer for me. I don’t want skins I dont intend to use and I don’t like content locked to my character. Seriously CCP, show some love for the Matari !

I would agree that the more SP you have and the more diverse your character is; the more you would benefit and the easier you will find it.

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