New events sucks, I miss the time when the events were simplier

oh i understood you talking about real persons not alts … in this goes up … ccp said more then one time … look at the videos of the stream … they know … i dont know and i dont care … ccp sais there are good numbers of fresh signups … ok … all good for me …

no no nothing wrong … but … you see why this kind of event is gone

wll it would be a problem for this players … all content with to less people will be removed anyways … sooner or later … it was allways this way … funny … at the captains quater … noone cares about usage and numbers … they want to have it … no question if they use it for what …

the EC is nice to run … not hard … in the area arround me not many run them … you can get a free EC all the time … so its not really everywhere when hundrets of players run EC to make isk … they get boring soon … but at the beginning it was many …

well who cares … it is what it is …


I remember that event. Npcs had the proper bounties on them and they did drop typical loot. There were ninja salvagers, war targets attacking each other, npcs destroying ships, and general chaos. That was fun.

At the time I was well over 20 jumps away and showed up in a maelstrom.

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maybe I’m wrong, but I think we can attribute that loss, to the fact that people don’t fly T1 ships anymore (for PVE). They fly blingy T2 ships, because those are the most efficient, and thus they are afraid to lose them.

Just my opinion though.

Yea, but nothing stops people from having a fleet of t1 ships ready for pvp/pve

The “bling boat” thing was a mistake. They should have stuck with tiers and made “named items” rare exploration drops. So rare that only 1 in 10 ships would have one at great risk.
Making them LP items and to some extent farm-able via dumbed down exploration is why we end up with bling boats now.
And what to said bling boats get used for? Yes, you might have guessed it. Maybe out of pure coincidence… they get used for farming. All hail Krabism.

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Except there aren’t the kind of events we want. CCP has stopped doing story-focused roleplaying events where the experience of participating is the entire draw. Instead we just get an endless series of farming “events” where the only difference is what exactly the optimized farming setup/strategy is for maximum ISK/hour and the only reason to participate is if the ISK/hour is better than other farming options.


That was the point.
There were no “events” except for the live events that were based on the storyline.
If anything comes out of this, I hope the lesson is not forgotten. Monty Haul Gibs Bonanza events do not retain players. Real live events pertaining to the lore and story arc of the game itself are a big deal.
Do the former and dump the latter, and all you get are people who mindlessly just farm and don’t even interract with other players. Oh, they might join a player corp if they are told to do it enough, and then they will just be mindless farming corp members.
Oh, but they subscribe! Used to be that every player was a subscriber. But now if the only motivation to go omega is to get a bigger ship to farm in, they have replaced real living players with these mindless players.

It’s like they sold the game’s soul.

You have a dark vision of the future.

I’m no fun at parties either but I make beer at roughly 13 percent alcohol and bring it so I still get invited.

Just my feeling, but I’d prefer to remove as many barriers to events as possible. The more people participating, then the greater the competition and interaction, which equals more fun for everyone involved.

This event was too elitist. The people running them were in either blingy ships (the elite), or in well-organised low-sec PVP groups. Everyone else was excluded.

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So, to avoid excluding anyone your idea is that we exclude PvP players by limiting events to menial farming tasks in highsec where everyone gets a zero-effort participation trophy?

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Nope. Did you reply just to start a fight? I’m happy to see these sites in low sec, but people aren’t likely to run and contest them in blingy ships. On the other hand, if they could be run in throw-away frigates or cruisers, then there’s alot more potential for PVP contests as anyone could run them.

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The point is that some people enjoy flying “blingy” ships and engaging in high-end PvP, not just random fights with expendable T1 frigates/cruisers. You can’t keep everyone happy, so why shouldn’t events like this one exist? Why should everything be aimed at risk-averse PvE players?

Some people fit bling to pvp ships…

And become more risk averse than a ship spinner with agoraphobia.

I agree with the op on this. The last event, limited not only to specific ship types, was also limited to low sec and with abysmal spawn rates. I thought the idea was to encourage game play… Though this toon is newer(ish) I am a veteran player that has not forgotten my first months in game way back in 05, so I know what it feels like as a young player to feel excluded. This last event failed in making everyone feel included.
Also… sidetrack… CCP, Please for Carolines sake, FIX CHAT. In May this will be 2 years of dealing with it breaking frequently. Moving to the new system is a failure… Massive failure.

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With this event, ONLY a blingy ship could run it. If anything, this is risk-averse as everyone else won’t contest the site, leaving the blingy pilot to run sites by himself.

Maybe it is time to introduce sandbox events where is ccp will provide lore and tools and players will create their own content.

Yet another ■■■■ event site…