New events sucks, I miss the time when the events were simplier

With this event, ONLY a blingy ship could run it. If anything, this is risk-averse as everyone else won’t contest the site, leaving the blingy pilot to run sites by himself.

Maybe it is time to introduce sandbox events where is ccp will provide lore and tools and players will create their own content.

Yet another ■■■■ event site…

Indeed total hobby horse crap too stronk, shity loot, but hey we got dots that burn eyes in inventory. OMG CCP you are awesome guys!

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I think there is a lot of good stuff with the current Guardians Gala sites.

Npc’s that warp in and reposition via on-grid warps.
Various e-war (including warp disruption).
Mixture of ship sizes, you have to face pretty much all ship sizes.
Mixture of engagement ranges, some npcs brawl others try to kite.
Neat little lore items.

OK the loot drops are not great (at least in hi-sec, low, null and w-space are probably and rightfully better) but there are bounties on the npcs so it kinda evens out.

Overall I don’t there is much to complain about on this event.

I don’t like the NPCs. This is the same ■■■■ CCP is feeding us ever since FOBs. NPCs are annoying to deal with. They are not really hard but annoying af. Webs, neuts, sensor dumps and now even disruptors and scrams… I did one site in lowsec and no thank you, even though that I looted 80mil dmg booster I will pass, I don’t have the alliance backing me up when ratting or horde of alts and even if I had those alts I would not want to use them for pve multiboxing or for pvp reinforcements. I like playing and do stuff solo, I use alts only for ganking and citadel bashing.

I have no problem with loot except that it contains tons of useless craps - would be better if it was empty wreck than to loot some legacy no-use item that only devalues collectors’ item collections.

And while it is good that the site cannot be afked (can’t it? what about passive rs with Gecko I wonder…) it totally kills off any drone boats that doesn’t have bonus to drone HPs. I lost 3 drones while watching it closely - they got instagib from frigate or Tornado.

Spawns are another great thing, I had to wait almost 3 minutes for next wave to appear because I fleeted with another player.

Not hard but annoying af - which is the summary for every new pve content and event CCP added since FOBs.

Latest victims :).

Loot is 25-30 mil average in HS. Bounty around 10mil, salvage 5 mil. Spawn timer random. NPCs are extremely agressive toward drones. A lot of e-war. As for HS it is difficult site, solo only for experienced pilots.

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heh, i notice alot of noobs getting killed, mistakenly believing that ccp released the event for everyone.

well trolled, ccp. well trolled.

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Yea, devs must have a lot of laughter. We did it again lol.