Winter Nexus Event!

Just an amazing event! The developer did not sleep half a night to come up with a new year ?! And then something was born! More precisely, nothing was born! The guys in mission 3 need to patch up the bugs, and they are doing this ■■■■ … If you arrive, then you are like that to the event, and there +100500 people are already sitting and crawling. If you are a new capsuleer, then you were given snowballs, shove them up the developer’s ass! Probably in Iceland it is very cold and the brain of the developer froze, since he decided to do so. That is, as I understand it, in this game, no one tells the developers that they are doing ■■■■■■■■. I’m probably the first one to tell the truth. There is a video on YouTube - how to play the Winter Nexus mission, but the guy has all the feats that he offers, from 3-4 months of playing. And only PVE jerks. Therefore, on Twitch it is always nice to see that Donkey Kong, a game from the 90s about a monkey, is higher in rating than the MMORPG Eve Online! Thanks for the great game, imbecile developer from Iceland!
Ta-da! Happy New Year!

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10/10 Funny post.

In case anyone was actually looking for advice, the sites are hard to do with normal drone ships because the Sansha frigates always target drones. Get an active tanked missile boat that can withstand a bit of neut pressure, and make sure you have some application modules. Ravens are good. Drakes can probably do it too with good skills.

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I barely made it out with my drake - 0/0, do not recommend.

Agree, you should have died.


I’d be happy to find one of these things, dying or not. How the ■■■■ is a Newbro meant to find them?
New players don’t get a filament until the 3rd day. Should I buy one for 1 Billion ISK?

Not for nothing, but 6 years of declining playerbase should have CCP twisting itself into a pretzel to think of Newbros first, rather than last, especially for “just for the fun of it” stuff that Bittervets would have to be mad dogs frothing at the mouth to be upset about.

Oh, yeah, that.
P.S. You can eat some Dodixian Iridium Charge S out of my ass, but it’ll cost you slightly more now.
P.P.S. It only cost me 1 Million ISK, not 1 Billion.

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