Petition to CSM : Marauders access denied or prohibited for the upcoming Winterstorm sites from Dec 2024

I would appreciate it if this CSM would take this on the table for the next meeting with CCP ,
After the disgusting experience with marauders type ships, Vargur, Golem and the other factions ones, that were landing at whighstorm sites, some of these marauder pilots, of all sorts of course, were technically waiting for us, me and corp mates, to clear the frigates and cruisers in order to snipping the Sansha´s battleship and unfairly getting all the good loot,
i SUGGEST, request or suplicate to this Council the prohibition of access throught those gates to ships of this class, Marauders
I do not think it is fair to all those players whom perhaps want to get the experience and profits of these sorts of events, and even though I may be able to fly a marauder, that is not the point, I won´t , simply because i may find this unfair to other players,

In the hope that we all together make this game more fair , accessible and fun to new players,
Marauders out of winter events for 2024 season please!
thank you


Eve is not a fair game


Then you would just lose to my Tengu, Loki, Legion, Rattle, Vindi… whatever the best ship for this Eventsite is, I can bring it. I can even bring it double with an Alt. And I can bring it completely blue-pimped with an HG-Implantset and a full rack of SkillHardwirings. Or I can simply bring an overpropped Loki and just steal your loot for the lulz, you will never tackle me - or if you dare to - hold me and I would warp out laughing while you sit there and stare at the empty wreck and me disappearing at the horizon.


Why warp out when you can fight him and earn a nice KM in the process? :thinking:



Apparently this pilot is trained to fly the Proteus:slight_smile:

So will be ready for next winter

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NGL I like how OP started early with this thread vs the last minute.

Smart lad on that regard.

Considering there are limited access Acceleration Gates at many many sites for missions , DED anomalies, ESS, Escalations …
I think it is as fair as the World we live in, as fair as it can be The Real World, as fair as the human kind can be, if you disagree, I don´t know what the word fair might mean to you, based on Cambridge dictionary main definition :

treating someone in a way that is right or reasonable, or treating a group of people equally and not allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment

Now, you are correct, of course, it is not fair indeed, and that is the point of this petition to CSM, to make it better , if you prefer, rather than “more fair” , and i´d like to add this question for anyone to please answer to me , so I can understand why it cannot be “more fair” , my challenging question is here : **

who said or where is it written that it cannot be a little better? is there any unchageable constitution imposed by The government , CCP, United Nations , or some weird yet unknown to me extraterrestrial controlling source that rules the human kind?

In fact, I think and believe that this is the whole and unique purpose of the CSM and it´s existance, To make EVE Online a more fair game.

I´d like to take this oportunity to add this, in my personal opinion allowing Marauders to enter those Whighstorm gates is not just totally unfair, it is in fact a tremendous quality assurance mistake that leads to a very poor and sad player experience.


I am afraid, you cannot destroy a properly fitted Marauder with a T3 , if you can or have done it, please link the Zkill link and I then may start believing it.

I am afraid you have either not read or did not understand my post.

I think I need to explain the situation so you may start understanding what the situation there was in many cases…
for start, we are in High Sec, meaning what you probably already know about the rules of engagement, you cannot engage anyone not being suspect, wardeced, without getting concorded… okay…
You are with a couple of corporation friends in fleet , Warp to a clear Whighstorm gate shown in the Anomalies / probe scanner that no beacon is yet in the overview until you hit warp fleet to… okay…
Of course anyone else can warp to it, taking the acceleration gate and compete against your fleet for the valuable loot that drops only from the Sansha´s Battleship which spawns after you´ve destroyed all Sansha´s frigates and cruisers,
A Marauder appears on Dscan within 1AU, you know it will be landing here soon, you kill the last couple of firgates, Marauder lands on grid, Sansha´s BS spawns , you in your T3 and your 2 friends start overheating in order to apply the most DPS on the Sansha´s BS but realise that the bloody Marauder has thrown already 2 volleys applying far more damage than what your fleet has done so wreck goes yellow for your fleet and you still think about stealing it because you believe you were there first and the marauder pilot action was unfair and you go to steel it and inmediately warping out yellow blinking before getting warp scrambled or, shot to death by one of his volleys, you risk it without thinking too much, but no… the wreck is now flying out of your range being taken by the Marauder tractor beam,. it is not that you lost, it is not that you are not prepared, it is simply stupid to try to engage that Marauder guy and loose your ship to Concord, so…not worth the effort, end of the story.

After one , you decide to keep going, move on…
after 5, you start getting upset,
after 10, you dock up, say good night, o7 and go may be to get fun somewhere else like netflix and LEAVE eve

the Whighstorm Marauders guys ruinned your expectations for tonight,
1 less… may be 3 pilots that said night night and the server has not got to handle anyomre tonight,
3 less people active, and tomorrow, there are only Marauders in the system, great,

I can fly one with top skills for everything, but I won´t , simply because I won´t do to others what I do not like to be done to me.

being able to access with Marauders to this kind of temporary events shows a total lack of Quality Assurance by CCP and not really being focused at all in the new players´ experience

I am only asking please for the CSM to democratically vote and request to CCP to definitely deny Marauders access to Whighstorm Winter Event sites

It is not too much to ask for. at least, that the CSM vote for this.

Not sure why you’re writing this to me I was replying to someone else. :thinking:

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You misunderstood my comment too. EVE IS NOT A FAIR GAME. It was not created or developed to be fair.

Sorry Uriel, I am just learning how to use this forum and may be did not realised about that… when ever I read something, nothing to worry about I simply took the oportunity to explain a little more about the situations we found ourselves in fleet in the hope that someone from the CSM reads it and consider my petition.

No worries ! all cool!

May be , I can agree to that statement indeed, but if we can have more people playing I think it will be better to the whole community, more content, if we realise, I am not posting here a petition so new players can be safer , my main point here is, let´s put it the other way around,
IF Marauders can enter these sites, Why are gates limited to certain hull types in the game at all? and some ships are not allowed at certain places, If marauders can enter these sites, We shall be able to take frigates into an ESS , shouldn´t we? now, why are there limitations at some , many, sites and this one Wighstorm Combat sites allow Marauders to get in, and by the same QA purposes, Would we find correct to take an Avatar to a war in High Sec? :confused:


You are totally correct, I do not understand it, sorry.

Whatever the the “best” ship or largest ship whatever is available to enter the site, they will use it to destroy your marauder

Everyone will just use the next best ship. What then? Ban that? Then ban the next ship. Then the next ship. etc.


You may not realize it but CCP does several events a year, some are like the Easter event, they only allow smaller ships and are more new player friendly. Other events like the Christmas event, allow people to bring out their biggest toys and are less new player friendly.

Not every event needs to cater to new players or players that don’t have a marauder.


What say OP to the points above? :point_up: :thinking: