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Did anyone else have an issue today? When you log in and claim the 2 items they go to the redemption window. But when you drag them to a character, you only get the container, not the skin. This happened on both of my accounts.

Don’t worry, you’re not missing much…unless you want your ship to look like a child’s construction toy. :smiley:


Who dreams up these gifts, I mean really, this is something I want?

Is there a pass option?

This time around SKINs are automatically added to your characters SKIN collection instead of redeeming it as an actual item.
Took me by surprise, I like having the item personally tho.


Thanks for the info DeadMaster.

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Skin almost blinded me.

Works as intended. No trading of skins allowed apparently. Perhaps they are too hideous to look at and CCP is afraid they will be dumped on market for 0.01 ISK a dozen.

skin is utter shite, had i know it was so poor i woul dhave put it on another character

Anyone else get a sweet Borderlands vibe from this skin?

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Well I would but none of my characters can use locate it once you redeem it! Has anyone actually successfully redeemed one yet?

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It’s automatically redeemed into your character’s SKINs collection when you drag it from the Redeem queue.

That’s disappointing. I would have preferred selling the SKIN to someone that actually flies the ship and/or collects SKINs. (Tosses it on the pile of hangar clutter)

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the skin is automatically applied to the character when you redeem it, that was the first thing i looked for when i didnt see it go to my hanger, put together an osprey and saw it was in the list to apply.

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The skin is automatically activated when you redeem the items, the skin reminds me of a chocolate bar wrapper.


This log in event…sucks!!!

I’m howling right now xD

Gets free stuff, complains anyway.

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