Skin and support box

Redeemed my items from today after dt. The Support thingy appeared in my items hanger but no skin :frowning: Have relogged etc but to no hope
Anyone else having this issue ? Happened on all of my accounts


same on different accounts


Same thing on all 4 of my accounts.

same issue for me with this too.

Yap, having the same issue.

Skins are applying automatically to the character its delivered to… which is a bit crap

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Hey guys,

The SKIN should be automatically added to your character, instead of creating an item in your inventory. However, we are seeing some reports about the SKIN being missing that we are looking at right now.


I don’t know if they are applying automatically, they are not showing up in my list of available skins on any of my accounts.

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Can confirm skin is missing…

Edit: Sorry today is Osprey… but still missing

Selected my skins only and searched for Osprey and it shows greyed out 0/1

Rebooted client

Repeated steps… still shows 0/`1 for Frontier Safeguarder Osprey.


Can’t Code Properly :confused: Sorry all

Here’s a screen shot of all the frontier related skins after redeeming…

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Happened to me too. Claimed and Redeemed “Osprey Frontier Safeguarder SKIN” and it still not showing on my skins list

Got the same issue
Another ticket filed too , skin not delivered after redeemed .

@Korban_Kuota normally the skin appears in the hangar, you’ll have then to apply it .
Never see before a redeemed skin go straightly to the toon .

Well, for this event they automatically apply the skins to your char. It even said so on event page.
Unfortunately it’s bugged on me

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Same on my side .
No skin anywhere , hangar , toon etc…
Today is the osprey skin , tomorrow will be the augoror .

yea we know it automatically added into character, but it did not. they are just gone.

Only skinless capsuleers around here…
Damn!!! me as we’ll!! :frowning:

Based on our initial testing it seems that claiming and redeeming the rewards directly from the Character Selection screen is properly activating the SKIN license. We advised trying this as a workaround for anyone who have not claimed the reward just yet, while we investigate the root cause of this issue.

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@CCP_Dopamine I did both procedures via separate accounts. The only difference is that when redeeming from the character selection window I got the popups for skin license activation and successful redeeming. The other account, where I redeemed from a logged in character in station via the event redeem box those popups didn’t show up.

In either case, the skins were not active


Thanks for letting us know!

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