What happened to Redeemed Item?

I redeemed a SKIN today but it’s not in the hangar of my character and when I try to log-off I cant.

https://imgur.com/jPdrEQM is what I receive when I try to log-off.

What do I do?

It should be automatically applied. Check your character’s activated skins list.

Augoror Frontier Safeguarder SKIN is not unlocked: https://imgur.com/2volszX

Also, you are 2 months older than me :slight_smile: Good ol’ Beta Days…

Something is definitely wrong with item redeeming right now. CCP was aware of the initial problem, then they thought they fixed it, but the system is still very buggy. I guess you should file a bug report.

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Thanks, bug report submitted.

In the description of item in redeeming window it was clearly stated that this not a item and skin license will be automatically activated.

Just read what you guys click…

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And here I go with Redeeming today’s item which is a booster and it automatically gets applied and wasted while sitting in station…

Oh CCP… :sob:

Do a simulated fit of the ship you got the skin for. It should show up as an available skin for the simulation.

Didn’t receive items redeemed to station on two accounts today. It wasn’t stuff applied to the character. It was blueprints.

of course you received them, but not to station. They are stored in the “redeemed items”.The icon is in the left bottom corner of your screen and is blinking

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