I don't receive these things in my Redeem after buying the galaxy pack, why?

At 12:18 pm yesterday, i had bought a galaxy pack on the official website of EVE, but now i just receive three months game time, and other things, including plex and skin and so on, isn’t still found in my game account.
so i want to know why?
anybody know?

There should be a Redeemable Items bar across the bottom of the character select screen when you log in. Or you can look in the Inventory tab of your Neocom menu.

It’s also possible that the sale was so popular they decided to push the items out to everyone with a script over downtime. If you don’t have your redeemable items after downtime this morning, it’s time for a ticket.

thank u, i have sent a ticket to ccp, but now there is no any response.

CCP sent a tweet that there was a bug and not all packs were delivered, just send a ticket and wait.

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