Galaxy pack still missing

Hello, I have tried multiple methods of contact CCP that my items in my galaxy pack have still not been delivered to my account.

I have put in, 2 seperate tickets with zero response, I have emailed with zero response, I have messaged on twitter with zero response, I have posted on multiple reddit threads, and even contact ccp falcon via reddit all in an attempt to get any kind of response at all that the tickets have even been acknowledged or that they are actively persuing and attempting to fix their own errors.

As a former service desk manager for a helpdesk company, my opinoun currently of ccp’s support team is that they are either grossly understaffed or the practices and procedures for dealing with issues and communication needs serious improvement. If our company were to ever be this silent about an issue like this we would have been fired and replaced.

Also when issues like this arise and there is a huge mistake in how it is dealt with you should really look at compensating the players who have had issues with this.

All in all i would give CCP support a 1 out of 10 and not recommend the game to anyone who thinks that they may ever need to speak with ccp support.


Also true.

But nothing said here is going to do anything. You just have to be patient.

What are you talking about. Its been a day, 2 at most. Would you prefer a generic, automated message being sent back? Cause thats no different from silence.

Again, are you kidding me, its been like 1 or 2 days. If my mail is 1 or 2 days late i dont call up my local post office and start complaining at them and asking for compensation.


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You aren’t permitted to discuss this here. This thread will likely be moderated, but please don’t discuss that either. Please file a ticket if you have a concern. If you’re concerned about your concern might I also suggest filing a ticket. I hope that’s clearer for you. If not, please submit a ticket.

Welcome to EVE.

Did you check your redeem items? there should be a “Galaxy-Pack Crate”, all items are in there.
Didnt know it either but the Galaxy-Pack changed since last time, now all the items delivered with a crate.

Have you forgotten what it was like having customers complain at you constantly?

You have some valid points, there is certainly much room for improvement.

However, there has been for a long time…and yet here we are… Looking down the path it is likely to get less interactive, not more.

In any case, give the ccp employees some slack, eh?

I’m currently experiencing the same issue. They figured out the payment issue and plex + omega time was added. No crate was received and there is no redeemable item at either the character selection screen nor in the redeemable neocom menu.

They figured out how to take your money ok? :rofl:

I rate your patience at 1 teacup out of the ocean. I hope ccp further delays their response to discourage your behaviour.

With how many tickets get submitted, yours could be down the line before they really get to you. submitting more than 1 ticket really won’t help your case much. But as mentioned, its really not appropriate to discuss some things on the forum.

Wait a few more days and try to get in touch with someone, DO NOT submit another ticket, it could make it even longer for you to get a fix to your issue.

If you’ve filed a support ticket, you need to wait until your ticket is at the front of the queue, and the Customer Support Team will assist you.

  • If you’ve filed one ticket, it’s enough.
  • Emailing our support addresses automatically generates a support ticket.
  • Filing multiple tickets makes no difference, they’ll be merged into one. All this does is just delays responses for other players and inflates the size of the ticket queue.
  • Twitter is not an official support portal for EVE Online, posting there doesn’t guarantee a response.
  • Posting on reddit doesn’t always guarantee a response.
  • Posting on these forums doesn’t always guarantee a response.
  • DMing / PMing or otherwise contacting CCP staff directly also will not help.
  • In all the instances above, you’ll be asked to file a support ticket, which you’ve already correctly done.

You’ll have received a response from our support system that your ticket has been received, this lets you know that it’ll be looked at when it reaches the front of the queue.

Tickets are processed in the order we recieve them, unless they’re in specific categories and relate to highly time sensitive issues such as threats of harm or characters that are physically stuck in game - pilots do not jump the queue.

I’ve just taken a look, and we currently have roughly 1,600 tickets waiting in the queue across various categories that our GMs are working through.

527 of those are tickets related to billing, given that we’re just off the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your ticket will be somewhere in that queue depending on when you submitted it.

Response times can vary depending on the nature of the issue, so all you can really do is be patient and wait for Customer Support to get back to you.

They’re currently working through a substantial backlog of tickets, apologies for the delay.