The "This skin will be applied directly to your character's skin collection when redeemed", does not work

The skin does not appear in the skin collection.

I have also this same problem, I just noticed you have same post as me.

Me three! Tried both Alpha and Omega accounts. Agency pack redeems properly, Alpha skin reward is not applied.

Same issue

Same here, booster claimed, skin is missing from skins tab.

Same issue here.

Redeemed the skin on this character and it’s not appearing in skin collection.

Exact same as the other. No skin.

Skins are broken, much like Hellmar and his leadership

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missing free skins? not missing much…

same problem)

It worked for me on day 2 & 3 and I notice CCP has added the Osprey to my character even though I didn’t petition it. Check the skins tab in your character sheet.

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yeah it’s ridiculous how these things are auto applying!!! I can’t understand the logic behind it.

To me, this looks more like a persistent feature than a temporary event. A small variable daily skillpoint award that pays out when you hit a threshold and starts over makes sense. If this is a permanent feature rather than an temporary event the loot crates can’t award items of value that can be sold on the market. I don’t think awarding useless “soul bound” items is a good idea either. They should simply get rid of the loot crates and leave the SP as a login reward.

Ah ok, I never looked at it that way. Glass half full moment :slight_smile:

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