Ship Skins?

Hi there and thanks for allowing me to join up.

Could somebody explain where I’m going wrong? The free skins that come with the daily login rewards - how the hell do I use them? I’ve claimed them but they just seem to vanish? I can’t find them in my assets or in the fitting window either…
I did manage to find one by cycling through all skins to the one I’d recieved but even then, it wouldn’t allow me to apply it my ship, despite it being applicable.

Confuddled :smirk:

Ta, Chris

Skins, when activated, are applied to your character and will show up in your character sheet:

Those skins are not tied to the ship, but to your character.

Which is good, because the skins do not get lost when you lose the ship, so you can just apply it to the next hull you buy again. (There are exceptions, I think, something with temporary skins with a duration, but I’ve never bought or used those myself. You can find them on the ingame market if you want, but any newly introduced skins like the current login rewards are permanent as far as I know.)

Whenever you sit in a ship you can apply any of the skins you have for that type of ship in the fitting window:

In the case of daily login rewards and other event skins, you will automatically apply those skins (and login reward boosters too) to the character that you redeem it on, which is why they ‘disappeared’ when you redeemed them. They’re activated and you can now use them on that character!

Other non-login reward skins are usually tradable as an item, until you decide to apply them to your character when you rightclick the skin to activate it, which consumes the skin.


Are you sure you have the ship and not a varient ship the skin is for?

Vexor skin, but you have vexor navy issue ship. Skins wont work that way.

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Possibly? How can I confirm this?

If you have the skin but cant apply it, then you dont have the right ship. The skin will say what ship its for.

Follow what @Gerard_Amatin mentioned and look through the char sheet skins

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