Free Skins for Obscure ships

I’ve been playing EVE for over 19 years. Over that time, I have accrued billions of isk-worth of ships. Why is it that out of all of those ships, I never get a free skin for even one of them? I’ve got every one of the Marauders, every battleship, force recon, interceptor, & HAC and you’d think out of 365 days in a year of free skins, at least one would be for a ship that I have. I’m not going to start flying Punishers because I was given a free skin for it at login. Give us something cool, CCP!

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I’m sure it’s probably happened at some point, but I don’t recall ever getting a free SKIN that I actually used. And I remember there were at least a couple times where I got a free SKIN I was already licensed for, so the free one was pointless. They should just issue a voucher or something (free Interceptor SKIN, etc.) so players can pick what they want from a range of available options.


That’s a good idea.

Something free isn’t good enough? And by being a vet I’m sure buying the said skin on the market wouldn’t hurt. I feel the login rewards are more tailored for new players, more than anything else, just like the daily campaign for skill points.

Something free—that is also useful—is always nice. But if you have no use for the thing you’ve received, it doesn’t represent a value, even if it was free.

Vets like free SP, too. And while I don’t do cartwheels over getting free boosters, they (sometimes) have value. But noob or vet, the problem with giving away random SKINs is that unlike SP, SKINs are highly subjective. Two people can look at the same SKIN, one might think it’s gorgeous, and the other might find it hideous. And even if the first player likes the aesthetics, if they don’t (or can’t yet) fly that hull—again, it’s of little to no value to the player.

The existing system might actually be worse for noobs in that regard, since the average vet is probably skilled for a much wider range of ships (even if they choose to fly only certain hulls). So for the vet, that random SKIN might be something they could use, but won’t. Whereas for the noob, the random SKIN they receive is (statistically) likely to be something they can’t even use yet, and may not be able to use without months of training for that specific hull.

My opinion, if CCP wants to provide value through the daily login rewards (i.e., added incentive to continue subbing), they should design three or four SKIN sets that cover all four empire ship lines. Create enough variance between the sets that at least one might appeal to just about everyone, and then set aside those sets only for the free Omega awards (not available in NES or in packs). For daily rewards, issue vouchers for either specific hulls, or for ship classes (my opinion, ship classes would be better), and let the player pick the SKIN that they want.

Alternatively, they could just issue Evermarks (fixed amount or random) as daily rewards, and expand the Paragon LP store to include the aforementioned sets of SKINs. Seems like that would be a simple solution that would also provide the most value to Omega players by letting them choose something they can actually use.

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