Temporary ship skins

Why do these even exist? They just seem to clog up the login-campaign-thing. My suggestion would be to make them permanent or remove them. They don’t spark joy.


I guess it’s temporary joy for the players with short attention span? :man_shrugging:

They are not supposed to spark joy. They are supposed to make you want the permanent skins and want more of them and spend lots of €€€€€ to get them (directly or indirectly). That’s the only reason why they exist.



They actually make me not want to login, cuz it’s just spam right from the start.


Then you are a very, very bad customer and should feel ashamed to even use EVE. :angry: CCP put so much effort into these skins and you just call their efforts to promote them “spam”? How dare you! :rage:

/s - I totally agree with that sentiment.



Frankly all the log in rewards are a PITA , except the free skill points of course , who doesn’t love free skill points :wink:

I don’t know what PITA is but I happen to like the login rewards. I’m not going to spit on a gift, no matter how small it is.
It feels nice to log in and see that the Devs have thought of me and been considerate enough to leave me a :gift:

@CCP_Aurora ( and all the CCP_* ) Thank you!

PITA = pain in the ass

Maybe your right , shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth , but skins I’ll never use as they’ll just disappear one day soon and loads of bps I’ll probably never use either just make me go meh

Sorry CCP

You don’t have to accept them or use them do you?

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A temporary skin for a ship I can’t even fly is not much of a gift.

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Beggars can’t be choosers.

I don’t want temporary skins.

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So, don’t take them.

I’m asking for an exemption from all temporary skin offers.

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Don’t select them, it’s called self-control.

Right, I don’t want to be offered them.

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Not logging in is hard.

Ok then. I’m quitting EvE.

Can you not uncheck “Show this at login?”

I don’t know. I’ve already uninstalled.