Temporaty to Permanent Ship Skin Exchange

So, this is an idea from the comments in a post from Reddit, by user WiNGSPAN Delivery Network, regarding the temporary skins given out from daily login rewards. Not sure if it was posted here in the forums already.

Temporary SKINs would be cool if they came with a quest that made them permanent.

“Kill a capsuleer vessel worth 300 million ISK or more”

“Visit 600 unique star systems.”

“Successfully hack 250 data or relic cans.”

If you finish the mission within the week, the skin becomes permanent! And then it’s a reward AND a trophy for doing the objective!

As an additional point, the permanent skins could be available to exchange for(using the temporary skin) in the corporation LP stores related to them, as some have the companies related to them listed in their description, so earning an NPC corp skin would be related to running missions for them as well, working just like a name brand for business vehicles that you often see in RL.

On the other hand, today as an exemple, I got a Cormorant Ghostbird SKIN(30 days Limited), and as it doesn’t seem to be related to any NPC corporation, the game coud give me one quest related to the skin theme to invest my playtime into in order to get the actual permanent skin as a reward.

I personally don’t have much interest in skins of any sort, in any game I play, as they are usually cash shop items, but I’m aware this is very much like a collector’s thing, like a player wanting to have every ship in the game, and then go for collecting skins once they have achieved that initial goal, so it sucks the only way to get them is paying money.

The ghostbird skin isn’t even present in the New Eden store for that matter, and checking EVE appraisal it seems to be listed somewhere for 2.2B, which is ridiculous as it doesn’t seem to be a limited edition type or anything.

This implementation could create a nice activity for collectors to play with, doing missions or completing special objectives in order to get a new addition to their ranks, and the temporary skins wouldn’t just be some garbage plastered onto the daily extra skill points, which is what most players really only care about when clicking that accept button.

Just to stress this point out, you’d need to get the temporary skin first in order to aim for the permanent skin using the in-game method, so if the player actually has a specific skin they are aiming for, their best option would be the Eden Store, and hopefully it will be available in there.

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But . . . CCP likes money?


Liking money doesn’t mean they are earning money.

Players need to want something for it to actually have value, otherwise it’s just a random paintjob that costs PLEX to purchase.

If you give players actual skins and push them to start a collection, I can see more people investing their money into skins, and thus more money to CCP.

I doubt CCP will invest a lot of effort in the daily logon rewards unless there is a revenue incentive. Giving people a limited time offer to upgrade the skin to permanent at a discount (if the skin is still in the NES) or at original price (if it has been retired) would let people try the skin and see how they like it before buying.

The problem, for many of us who can afford to buy skins, is that I have yet to see a skin for a ship that I fly or have some aspiration to fly so I simply click the trash button. Don’t need more clutter!

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Certainly, if the skins given out are completely random, the system is too reliant on RNG to give players somethign to be interested in.

Possible fixes are:
-give out only temp skins for ships that the player can fly
-give out only temp skins for the chips which the selected character is flying

Another entire proposal regarding temporary skins, would be to be “skin copies” instead of being on a timer, so when you apply the skin to a ship it’s consumed, and if the ship gets blown up the skin is gone as well.

At least won’t be complete garbage as they are now.

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