[PSA] You can get permanent skins from the daily rewards

I noticed that one of the skins in my redeem queue is permanent. It doesn’t have “7 days/Volatile” mentioned anywhere, including the mouse-over text, which shows the normal skin description text instead. I didn’t buy any skins, and I haven’t redeemed any codes, and it is “soulbound” like all the other daily rewards skins. I have about 4 days left to redeem it, so it appeared about 10 days ago.

Not sure if this is a bug, or intentional. Check your redeemable items to make sure you don’t have one too. If anyone doesn’t believe me, I’ll post a screenshot later. Could be a glitch, and it will actually be applied as a temporary skin once redeemed, but hopefully not. Will find out later tonight.

The skin was the “Dominix Navy Issue Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN”.

Edit: just claimed it, and can confirm it is permanent.

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Free as a dollar bill on a fishing line or a coin stuck to the pavement

Really? I just trash them automatically now on all accounts…

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Yup. To be fair, I’ve discovered just one such instance upon checking all of my accounts. I don’t know if I missed any in the past, since I just let them expire these days.

Was that the Diplomatic Shuttle skin?

No. I’m going to edit the OP with the skin.

O FUUUU im so used to trashing this things … i prob trash it to :frowning:
ty to god is a galente degenerate skin and not a amarr master race one


Just logged in and claimed it. Can confirm it is a permanent skin. It had 3 days to go, so was given 11 days ago as of now.

Good luck everyone.

Lol I guess CCP really does love trolling us

“Suckers don’t want to redeem their garbage? Watch this!”

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