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I’m sure somebody has mentioned this before (I’ve heard them on youtube…) but these stupid free skins we get everyday… could you simply give us the ones of ships that we can already fly and ignore the others?

I like skins, but is stupid and idiotic to get skins of ships I dont own. Granted, I could buy them, but I dont want to have a whole collection of eve ships (I already have too many)…


PS: And mini-skirts… when?


You don’t “get” them. They are offered to you.

You can certainly not click to accept them. Problem solved.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Daily rewards have gotten better (for example, you can now redeem drugs in space), but I think there’s still room for improvement -including with the skins. But it’s free stuff, so it’s hard to complain. Moreover, I think it’s challenging to make good daily rewards for Eve because you want them to be good enough that players want it, but you don’t want it to screw with game balance or the in-game economy either.

Anyway, hopefully they’ll continue to iterate and improve as dev resources allow.
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Its the price I pay for free SP for my starving Alpha family


The most important part of the OP. The rest is an entitled crybaby whining over getting things for free.

Don’t they expire after 30 days?

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I would argue the frigate BPCs that are passed out contribute to the very low prices for the ships. Right now, most of the frigates sell for less than half the material cost.

And lots of other clothing, hair and so on…

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Some are seven days I think, others up to thirty.

Many frigates were underpriced even before daily login rewards were introduced, so that can’t be it. I assumed that it was due to career agent rewards spawning in various frigates and destroyers out of thin air. But I’m just speculating.
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