Ship Skins

I received a Scythe skin as a log in reward, but I do not fly Scythes. Can I give them to another player?

I’ll need to verify what I’m about to say once I get home, but I do not think you can now since the new Omega daily rewards system kicked in. Even dragging the skin to a character in character selection will activate and assign the license.

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no, the log in rewards are not meant to be traded to other players… that would mess with the markets etc.


No, the login reward ship skins are automatically applied to the character when you redeem them, which means you cannot trade these skins. (Other ship skins are usually tradable.)

The Scythe is a nice ship. You may not fly it now, but you may fly it in the future.


I thank you all for your helpful replies. :+1:

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