Daily Rewards Trading System

Could someone inquire CCP as to whether it would be possible to set up some kind of system to trade SKINS obtained from the daily rewards? Either through an Redeem Window trade interface or by making them not apply on claim, but rather just be bound to the character. Then there could be some special trade house mechanic for only these types of bound items. Like the Hypernet, but for 1-to-1 trades of reward items. Like trading cards.

I’m not sure what the point is in making them permanent if it’s still random. What I mean by this is that if you get SKINS that you do not want; SKINs that are for a ship whose hull size, function, faction, etc. you have no desire to fly, the gift is still effectively worthless junk. Which doesn’t result in any practical change vs. the old daily system where the SKINs were viewed as worthless junk for the most part.

If login rewards were tradable, people would do two things:

  1. (People interested in ISK:) Make a hundred (if not more) free alpha accounts and farm login rewards to sell. Or do the same but with their skill farm omega alts.
  2. (People interested in rewards:) Buy all the rewards they want so they can stop caring about what login rewards they get.

As it kind of defeats the purpose of login rewards if these rewards flood the market and also defeats the point of having desirable rewards if people stop caring about them (as they have already bought all skins they want), making these skins tradable would be a bad idea.

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They’ve made it clear that they don’t want the log-in rewards to compete with in-game items, so the chances of them ever doing sellable log-in rewards is relatively low.

A free skin is still a free skin, even if you can’t buy and sell them, and much better than a skin that isn’t permanent. Plus, making these non-tradeable means there’s a greater likelihood they’ll put some really good, expensive skins in the login rewards and can do so without screwing over the market for them in the game.


There seems to be a misunderstanding. I’m not saying they should be sold for ISK on the market. I’m saying they should be traded, like trading cards. A direct 1-for-1 trade. A SKIN for a SKIN. No selling on the market. No ISK involved. They would have there own special trade mechanic outside the market, like the HyperNet is its own thing. But again, no ISK is involved. More like the Contract system I guess.

You have a SKIN I want and I trade you for a SKIN you want. And it’s only for the daily reward SKINs. Not any others like event rewards.

In the context of contract-like system: I have SKIN X up for trade. Willing to trade for either SKINs A, B, C or D (any one of those).

I don’t even know if that’s possible - this would require making them special items that otherwise don’t exist in the game. I honestly don’t think it’s probably worth the effort for what it’s for.

I’m just asking that it be brought to their attention. If they are willing or not is entirely up to CCP.

They will be sold in practice though:

"Does anyone have skin A for trade? Willing to pay 500m, got (throwaway) skin X to give to you"

Even if you won’t allow ISK in the trade, there will be black market skin trading if one person is willing to pay for a skin they really want and another person wants to cash out that skin.

The end result is, again, that players will start hundreds of alpha accounts to farm the popular skins that they can 1:1 trade for a throwaway skin + cash.

You either underestimate EVE players, or you yourself are planning to start a skin-selling business.


I assume you’re saying that people would broadcast in local that they’ll give up their “coveted SKIN” in a trade for whatever random “lesser SKIN” if you pay them ISK. Or the other way around.

That’s sounds like a scam waiting to happen because the ISK transfer has no direct connection to the trade system. You’d have to trust the other party to pay and/or actually follow through with the trade on payment. Either way that would fall out of favor as a scam tactic.

How would you ensure the person offering the ISK will pay?
How would you ensure the person with the SKIN you want actually trades it upon payment?

That requires trust in a complete stranger in EVE.

Even in that case you could have the system be semi-automated where you can’t direct trade with a particular person. You put in your offered SKIN(s), what you’re willing to accept in exchange and the computer does the transaction with anyone else who matches the criteria. You don’t get to pick who you trade with. I don’t know if that perfectly solves your gripe. But again, who’s going to trust a random EVE player not to scam them? People won’t even buy escalation bookmarks from a random.

If you have a 100 alt alpha skin farm, why would you not work on a reputation as legitimate skin seller?

Your arbitrary limitations won’t stop skin selling from happening.

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This army of 100 alt SKIN traders is kind of far-fetched to begin with. Who is really going to go thru hundreds of accounts every day to farm these SKINs? The goldish-yellow biosecurity SKINs ain’t exactly all the rage. You think there is a market big enough and willing to shell out enough ISK on Halycon SKINs to make it worthwhile?

Doesn’t matter because in an automated transaction system they can’t direct trade person to person unless they are literally the only two people in all of EVE with matching criteria.

Yeah, they will. And until you give me an explanation for why it wouldn’t I see no validity in anything you’re saying. You essentially ignored my response to your concern without giving any actual counter argument. Are you just being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian? I see that a lot in these forums.

I’ve been going through the Biosecurity skins lately, which are of similar quality but are available in much bigger numbers.

Some of the skins are rather expensive, take for example the Loki (20-30m) or the Naglfar skin, which currently has their cheapest sell orders close to 40m in Jita (granted, this one is much cheaper elsewhere).

If someone can log in all their alts daily clicking through them and make 50-100m in a couple of minutes worth of ‘good skins’ that they can then sell, why not?

It’s easily scalable too. If you can make 100 alphas, why not 1000? Alpha accounts are free anyway.

Oh, so now CCP has to waste time to develop a new trade system like the market and hypernet, just so that players can anonymously trade their free untradable login skins 1:1 with other players?

For the Nth time, there can be no direct trading anyway so your talking points are moot. Either deal with why the indirect trade method won’t be successful or sit down. You’re not adding anything constructive. You’re just ignoring what I say and repeating talking points that have already been addressed.

So in other words, you have no objection other than, “Me no like!!!”. That’s fine I guess, but not particularly helpful. A feature is not a waste of time solely on the basis that you personally don’t care for it.

You are suggesting CCP creates a completely new anonymous trading system in addition to the existing market and hypernet, just so that players can swap their daily free log-in ship skins 1:1 with other players.

That is a lot of work for… not really anything useful?

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