Sell Skins For ISK As ISK Sink?

Yes I know CCP you need that $$$.

But if you want an ISK sink, sell skins for ISK. People spend so much PLEX on those skins, might end inflation once and for all.

ISK is already sunk via transaction fees of items being resold from NES. Also, SKINs are a 1-time only item so the potential for it being an ISK sink worth mentioning is extremely low; by contrast, the potential for it to be a $$$-maker is extremely high. For ISK sinks to be viable, they have to be repeatedly used; that won’t happen with SKINs.

A better ask would be for skins to appear in appropriate LP stores.
This creates ways for supporters of a faction or group to show that support in game as well as requiring actual work for the players rather than just isk.
Bonus points for making the LP skins have a standing requirement to that particular corp as well.

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I have better idea
SKINS as a (additional) reward for completing epic ark, some (new) COSMOS missions and completing achivements

Those are also good ideas, though most of those I would suggest be non faction skins.
Both that & LP store skins can be run side by side.

I see LP store more as source of destructible things.
SKINS sold there should be temporary IMO

If they have a standings requirement they become a recognition of that standing that is optional to acquire.

Hey! I said IMO :smile:

Personal intuitive understanding of LP store ingame role

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