ISK Sink ideas

Lets get serious about stopping the rising prices /s

  • Chatting in local cost 1,000 ISK per message
  • Trashing an item cost 10,000 ISK per m3
  • Sending ISK to a Player costs 1% of the amount

This will lead to less ISK circulating and in theory prices on ships and items should go up less.

Sure, nope and definitely nope.

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It least chatting in Jita local should cost ISK

Posting in forum cost 1.000.000 ISK, stupid posts 2.000.000 ISK


Sounds good to me.

So you don’t want a sink, you just want a quiet Jita?
Rightclick > Block

If you want actual sinks, you’re going to need to do better than that.

SKINs are a sink.
MCT is a sink.
Omega is the ultimate sink.
Things which people value highly, and which permanently remove large chunks of isk are what make effective sinks.

Some interesting and extreme but potentially effective sinks I can think of:
True gates that are player fundable in CCP designated locations, possibly tied to sov or ownership mechanics to set up tollways.
Ways to boost or lower security status with raw isk, system by system by .1-.2 points, potentially sparking bidding wars to break or make pipes
Limited release ships or skins that are done at auction to make them isk sinks rather than item sinks like tournament released ones.

None of those are isk sinks other than the market activity needed to trade the items. The majority of the isk involved in the sale goes to another player.

isk sinks destroy isk, taking that isk out of circulation.

EVE’s true isk sinks are:

market taxes and fees
lp stores
npc sell orders (blue prints, skills, ect.)
industry fees (reprocessing, production, research, pi, ect.)
sov fees

There are some others, but I believe those are the main ones, unless I’m having a brain fart.

As for the op:

1000 isk is nothing, it’s not going to stop the spam. What it will do, is kill conversation.

So people will just leave items in space, or ignore them making eve’s performance slower (because more useless items are in space) or encourage the database to have unnecessary bloat.

I’m not entirely opposed to this, however, I think it’s lazy.

EVE needs more isk sinks tied to activity, not additional pain points for accessing the interface.

That’s why I’ve suggested the ability to hire npcs in the past. It is a touchy subject because people are against automated defense, and it would also fail as an isk sink if people could use it to farm blue/ red loot items or bounties.

One potential option for the use of npcs in pve, would be for the creation of a new set of abyssal style filaments that would send the player to an instanced dungeon that only drops loot that could be used for industry or exchanged for concord lp. Any hired npcs in the instance then would purely be an isk sink rather than a faucet. (Perhaps this could be used for the Jove areas of space when they’re introduced.)

Another discussion we’ve had in the past, is the ability to name systems. This could either be a continual fee associated with sov rental, or a blind auction where the amount offered is lost regardless if you win the auction or not. Inappropriate names will revert back to the previous acceptable name, or the default if no other option is available.

Highsec ess. A lot of money is farmed in highsec, if the bank held a portion of the earned isk and only paid out of portion of that amount to the thieves if stolen, it would also function as an isk sink. Not to mention the increased pvp would cause extra ship destruction which would then be an engine for more fees associated with industry and the market.

New exploration game mechanics that require you to invest isk (keys or data spikes sold from npcs) to retrieve an item which could be exchanged for lp or used in industry.

There are many options that can be done that don’t require us to rely solely on fees or taxes. When you tie isk sinks to game play, those sinks don’t feel as abusive as it does when the taxes or fees rise.

I will pay you 1 bil to do this for me. But for every message that gets through, you owe me 1 mill.


What about gates to null being like toll bridges and charges a set amount? Bypassed by filiments. Similar how where i live you have 3 tolls within an hour on one road, but you can take the backroads and skip all the tolls

how come nobody ever suggests slowing down the brrr?

From latest MER It seems like the Total money supply is up about 110% since 2017 but prices on some things are up more than that? For example the Covetor is up almost 300%.

I have idea but it’s a niche thing…
Priced service (in stations) to perform a CEREMONIAL BURIAL for dead bodies.

As the result the item - “dead body” - disappears and you get some poetically flavored message. No other differences compared to “trash item” procedure.

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CCP made a lot of ships manufacturing requirements significantly more convoluted and expensive. I’d be interested to know how much battleships have gone up.

Here’s a better solution: A guide to a quiet and superior Local

  • image

Open Settings:

  • Message Portraits > No Portrait
  • Member list > Show Compact Member List
  • Turn off blink
  • Always above full-screen
  • Put it somewhere that you can see it properly (like next to your overview)
  • Make window small enough and then use the slider to hide messages but only show member list
  • Fix your overview so it shows the icons that you want to see (fleet, reds, blues, flashys, etc)

1bil pls?

I can tell you tonight at least about my raven. Before scarcity, it was 500 mil fully fit. I log in tonight ill see what it is.

@0ptimus_Swine I checked my Raven. hull only is 358.6 mil to buy… fitship minus missiles is 758.6 mil.

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