Isk sinks

We need less isk sinks. Minerals are being brought to the market at a staggering rate, and there’s not enough isk faucets to make up for this.

Overall, the CPI shows a general downward trend meaning that everything’s getting cheaper and cheaper. Most t1 ships in jita have fallen in price considerably over the past few years, and even titans and supers are starting to lose their value.

While it is true that the total amount of isk in eve continues to grow, the amount of minerals being produced far outpaces the rate of inflation caused by our current isk faucets.
In order to really bring back up the prices, and thus the value of minerals, we need to reduce the amount of isk leaving the players through isk sinks.

To begin with, halving current sales taxes and brokers fees at NPC stations would be a good start. Everyone eventually sells items, either through contracts or the market, so everyone benefits.

We also need to remove asset safety. It’s a carebear mechanic that nobody wants, and anyone that doesn’t like this is just collateral damage. Any loot inside the citadel that is not in WH space gets instantly blapped, and players recieve a 100% insurance payout based on the cost of the minerals from reprocessing everything at 50%, so for example a super that costs 10b to build in minerals would give a 5b payout.

Finally, reduce manufacturing, research, reactions, copying and lp shop by 50% to help preserve the amount of isk in the game. While this only benefits some people, the market will also rapidly adjust and prices will quickly settle out to become competitive again.

Why not just increase every BP’s requirements by… 10% or so? Make it so things require more minerals to construct. Then the “excess” minerals will evaporate faster b/c it’ll take more to make the things everyone wants.

I think Capitals in particular should require a lot more to make, since they went from being Legendary ships that hardly anyone had ever seen, to being so common that you see 200 Titan hotdrops all the time.

Wouldn’t the carebears still want it if it’s a carebear mechanic? By the way, most of the people in null are bigger carebears than people in highsec. Highsec doesn’t have the luxury of supercap blob umbrellas.


Neps here has been making a lot of threads lately, trying to speak for “us” and “we” when they really mean “I had half an idea and wanted to make a thread”.


Undock and go roaming for pvp.

Honestly, a thread asking for more isk faucets ingame that doesnt appear to undock in anything but a 300k isk atron, in a blob… really?


Excuse me, I used to make close to a billion a week looting from horde, you should be proud.

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I have a feeling you seem to dislike me. Unfortunately, your opinion doesn’t particularly matter to me :slight_smile:

This could help too, but i personally like having more isk available for everyone.

Collateral Damage

That would have exactly the opposite effect. More money in circulation doesn’t make prices go up, it makes the value of money go down. The only way to raise prices successfully is to intentionally destroy wealth on a large scale. Prices are where they are now because we aren’t losing capitals as fast as they are being produced, so there are too many on the market, so the competition to sell them drives prices down. If, for example, I want to sell my 30 bhaalgorns and I am too impatient to let the market determine how fast that happens, I have to price them under the other 300 that are for sale. When supply outstrips demand, it becomes a market that favors the buyer - they can far more easily dictate terms on price.

no ones really pvping, in anything.

When the value of money goes down, you generally have to pay more of that money. If you need a solid example, look around forums and reddit and apparently since some countries have devalued money the cost for a sub for them has gone up.
When the value of money goes down the prices go up to adjust for that.

Exactly! Since minerals aren’t going to run out, why not make more isk?

As I’m sitting here re-watching good old Babylon 5 for the… who knows how many times… I’m reminded of an idea that pops up once in a while.

Mass Drivers

We need mass drivers. Weapons that fire gigantic chunks of rock. Not bullets and missiles, but railguns that basically throw asteroids at the target.

Maybe it’s a new class of ship. Or maybe it’s something that can be mounted to Dreads and such. But you make a weapon that fires rounds made from Compressed Ore. The type of ore used affects the stats. Veld is weak, but long range. Ark is strong, but short range. That type of thing. Then we can start getting rid of the surplus of Capital ships out there, b/c they’ll die a lot faster and a lot more often. And the more ammo you use, the fewer minerals you have to rebuild your fleet.

Looking at the Trig ships and their ammo. And how every shot fired costs as much as a mountain of ammo for anything else. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, that people can either mine ore, into minerals, into profit. Or they can mine ore, compress it, and shoot it at their enemies. =)


If that was true, and the only factor that had an impact, titans would still be 110 billion each. Actually if that was true they would be around 200 billion now instead. It’s pretty easy to see that isn’t what is happening.

Exactly, there’s not enough isk faucets, and that’s why things are getting cheaper. There’s less and less isk to go around, so sellers need to settle for less.
My entire point is that ships are getting cheaper and by introducing more isk faucets they’ll stop being cheap.
While it’s true that the value of money is going down, the value of minerals is going down even faster and that’s why ships are dirt cheap

That would work too

That is exactly opposite of the reality. Check the old monthly economic reports. The faucets are bigger now than they have been in the past.

I also explicitly mentioned this in my post, but again you’re ignoring the fact that

Giving people more free money isn’t going to fix that. Having them start blowing each other up more will.