New Isk sink: changing SKINs on a ship should require some ISK

I have an idea for another small ISK sink: every change of ship’s skin costs some ISK depending on ship size.

For example, to change SKIN on:

  • corvette player will have to pay 2 500 ISK
  • frigate - 10 000 ISK
  • destroyer - 25 000
  • cruiser - 100 000
  • BC - 250 000
  • BS - 1 mil
  • Carrier, Dreadnought, FAX - 2.5 mil
  • SC - 10 mil
  • Titan - 25 mil

(price multiplier for faction ships x1.5, for T2 and pirate(double faction) ships - x2, for T3 ships - x2.5)

Players could still browse and try their skins in ship fitting window, but changing it should require a confirmation.

I think it is pretty straightforward and reasonable enough.

The amount of isk sank will not be worth the dev time thou, I’m sure their are other more efficient way’s.

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How hard is it to add a confirmation button on skin change that will ask whether player want to pay their isk or not? Small things like these, while not spectacular in their magnitude do add up to something over time.

This would be rejected by the vast majority of people, because they’d feel milked. I am aware that they’re already being milked, but they don’t feel milked by spending money on SKINs, injectors etc.

You’re basically requesting that people, who buy a second SKIN, are additionally taxed for wanting to use it.

That’s a no-go.

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They definitely do add up, no doubt about it.

Sure… If skins no longer require billions of isk worth of plex or hundreds of hours of grinding to acquire, but instead are free.

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these are 2 different mechanics. What you pay plex/billions of ISK for are unlocks, my proposal asks for a chump change to set that skin on the ship.

Yes, I am capable of reading, you apparently are not.
I am saying that if you want to charge for someone to apply the skin, then it is not reasonable for skins to cost, or at least not on the scale they currently do cost.

Also, you haven’t shown the need for this sink.

Are you trying to say that eve does not need more ISK sinks, even if insignificant like this one?

Pretty much yeah.
There isn’t significant evidence of inflation in EVE, the MER’s show CPI as relatively constant over a long term scale, the current CPI rate of change is not unusual nor is it reaching any exceptional heights.
Isk sinks also need to be carefully planned and aimed at the right people. This one is not.

MER still shows a steady increase in ISK mass. But thanks to GM intervention (bot bans i presume) accounting to more than 25% of last months total isk sink situation is stable for now, could be much worse.

Isk supply is not inflation.

They can lead to one. Currently overmining keeps mineral prices down and thus sales tax lower (for the same volume of goods) than they should be.

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