Only CCP would do this

Browsing some new features and i come across this. only CCP would charge 250m + 30k lp for a t1 fitted megathron…

Jita will save you 70m +30k lp :slight_smile:

LoL. It was discussed before release and yet nothing had changed? :ok_hand:


Basically an opportunity NPC service for desperate people.

I think it could be usefull when there is no market for lightyears and you have poor planning skills and poor patience.

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*dons tin foil hat: confirmed first steps of removing industry from eve.

… and the unique part, the SKIN, isn’t even permanent :confused:

I didnt saw it, how it works? Do these ships come with skin already applied and you cant separate it?

:joy: good laugh

Kinda, the label is SKIN (volatile) which means that once you apply it you lose the SKIN if you lose the ship.

So you spend all that ISK and LP, and then the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd is lost as soon as someone blows you up.


But you still have to “inject” this SKINS to your character?
I heard they are non tradeable.
I would buy some, wonder if you can trade them somehow, like with exchange of ISK and containers.

well youre mainly just paying for the skin
and the skin kinda needs to be destructible otherwise the market will be flooded and there will be no demand
like the raven skin after selling the ship costs 80m
but if none of the skins are getting destroyed only a certain amount of people will buy it
and once the market is saturated no one will buy the skin
so at least this way you can keep the market somewhat fluid
though most the skins wont get destroyed anyway because it wont get used in pvp much i think

well anyway the lp stores definitely need something decent in them
but ccp will have to hurry up and fix it because right now people are just gonna stockpile millions of lp waiting for ccp to put something worthwhile in the store
so the longer ccp takes the bigger the lp stockpiles will get


Don’t see that happening with the current SKINS that are almost all permanent. They are worth a fortune.

Having to buy these and grind the LP (minimum 2m 1000 LP just for an Incursus SKIN) only to then never equip them / fly the ship due to fear of loss sounds pointless to me.

Whats the point in a 250m 30,000 LP Megathron SKIN that you won’t use because it can be destroyed?

Not seeing the logic myself.

Put it this way, despite having the ISK and the LP, as soon as I saw the Incursus SKIN was volatile I didn’t bother buying the package. Had it been permanent I would have.

yeah but they arent bought with lp they are bought with plex
and like the purple confessor skin i didnt buy it off the market i bought plex off the market to get it from the nes because it was cheaper than the market

well it will be used but i think most people would use it mostly in pve where theyre not gonna lose their ship
in pvp people will be less likely to use it when they know it is probably just a waste of isk
ill probably buy the packages and use the skins on the ships i use for the sites because they wont get blown up and maybe even use the frigate skins in pvp because they are cheap
but i doubt people will use many bs or bc skins in pvp because its a waste of isk

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aren’t those SKINs for personal use only not for sale?

You probably can’t put them on the market, you will still be able to sell them via contracts or via trade windows … (many scams incoming).

The only people who will buy this overpriced package or the resulting overpriced skin will be RMT’ers, as another way to transfer their ISK.

You can’t keep the market fluid if nobody’s buying.

i cant see any on the market but the viewing window says you can buy them on the market

Isn’t this basically the same as the procedure in the standard LP stores where the already assembled ships are also massively overpriced? Only this time in these special LP stores, CCP skipped the cheaper BPC option …

well some people might buy some but yeah i cant see there being a huge market for the skins really

Isn’t this also part of the resource wars, geared to newer players? Aren’t modules included? Isn’t it basically a way for a new player to earn a BS through the activities and to get a sample fit included so without surfing the web for fits, they get a little clue on what to do?

The only thing they get is the notion that ships and modules are being provided by NPCs for work, not by players on the market.

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