Skins no longer available

Dear CCP, please consider having skins seeded in an LP store or by NPC orders. They could be an isk sink and an opportunity for everyone to enjoy eve, both visually and immersion. As we create new alts or as newbros join the game, it is sad to know that some skins are gone (forever?). For corps that might want to do something fun like have all matching ships…it simply isnt possible. Lastly, since these skins cannot be removed, there simply is not a player based market for them to be traded. As stated, some skins are seemingly lost forever. While I understand the need to keep the NES store inventory to a controllable level, I would love to slowly add some skins.

PS: thanks for the Saro/Swat skins…we all thought you forgot about the mystery codes. You did us a great service!

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Yes, there is, as long as those trading them dont use them.

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