Only CCP would do this

well i mean it costs 250m isk so theyre not really earning anything

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So, in short: resource wars are a waste of time and money.
Not only for the players, but also for CCP, becuse no one will do this content if the rewards are that low.

Terrible ISK sink.

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What are the ISK rewards for completing the sites? lvl1 seems to be 150.000 ISK. Does it get much higher?

Not everyone is trying to Min/Max income. The resource wars are simple group PvE where the goal is to earn rewards, help newer players, and be social. Yes to the vet with 20 bil isk and a perfect incursion running or nul anom running toon, you can do better.

However, if I want to help some new Caldari players who are only skilled in mining, I can provide the fire support to run the site in my ship while they mine. We both earn equal reward. I could earn my isk faster, but then I would get any feeling of accomplishment that I get when helping.

Maxing your isk income is not always everyone’s goal.


1.5m for level 3 so far
the sites go to level 5

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Not only CCP does this; OP must be too young to remember “Pet Rocks”. Talk about lack of value…

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