The new Guristas event site(s)

Looks like an easier one then the angel one that just ended.

Yes, you can bring a Drake and start shooting. However the “boss” Scorpion has a large buffer tank but when it lands it just sits there, waiting to be shot down.

The Guristas Transport site seems broken like the angel one was with un-ending waves of Guristas coming but no end boss to kill.

The end boss in the “Detention Center” is tagged with 350.000 isk but none of them paid anything into my wallet.

That ballistic control with the drone damage bonus is not very good for a faction mod but the boosters are nice.

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Nice! Is this a new one for the March release that they are testing?

I think so yes

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This one’s gonna be really cool, highly cempetitve with interesting drops. I’m looking forward to it :+1:

Sadly looks like Gilas will dominate it agan :frowning:

Most importantly (slightly sarcastic) there are actually good looking skins dropped from this event!

I hope the Detention Centre boss, sitting still and being completely passive is a bug.

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The observant capsuleer that I am, I already bug-reported all issues I found prior of writing about the sites here.

Another hint, some of the Hivaa Killer drop “naughty people” fireworks. I believe that will make some of you giggle.

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Yep and a t2 drone damage amplifier gives +30% drone damage and a t2 ballistic control gives 10% rate of fire.

Thats the C3-A version, compare that to T1 DDA / BCU.

The C3-X version matches with T2 DDA / BCU.

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T2 DDA is 20,5 not 30%

~15% missile damage bonus + 10% drone damage bonus
VS 21% missile damage bonus + 0 drone bonus
VS 0 missile bonus + 30% drone bonus

Drone damage amplifiers are OP!
But joking aside, for a gila filling its lows:
3 drone damage amplifiers: 92% drone damage bonus
2 drone damage amplifiers + 1 of these: 73% drone damage bonus + 15% missile bonus

So… yeah, not worth it as there is no way 15% of missile damage is more than 19% drone damage. For a ship where missiles do more damage than drones, it might be worth it as a last damage mod where stacking penalties give little missile bonus to a 3rd or 4th BCU, making 10% of drone damage more worth it.

So maybe an Armageddon or Prophecy.

Or a legion with the missile+drone sub? or even a regular missile boat with some drones…
Since the amarr drone boats still are just bonused to drone damage, I would still expect 15% of missiles to be less than drone damage in most cases.

for me its still mystery where i should try return compressed capsule shell , anyone has information about that ? or if they are just event trash items (commodities) ?

The what?

There was no mention that you have to do anything but shoot until the tanky Scorpion lands.

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there is item that drops from “pods”

The sites are live but the event challenges via The Agency are not.

I suspect that there will be a challenge to hand in X number of pods.

Aaah. So that will be new. I thought they were just decoration.

Looks like CONCORD buys them for something like 160K

ok thanks for info