Did CCP secretly nerf Emerging Conduit as of today?

now at least 17mins xD

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yep with no loot


I was flying some, its still good loot, about 110m/h with 4 chars but its still 50% less than the day before cause the 10 minute waiting time. The loot itself seems to be only slightly affected

But i clearly dont want to pay 50€ per month for making only half of the isk than before thats the point

The issue I have with this change is that there’s no explanation as to what the issue was, and why the choice was made to literally lengthen the respawn by at least 1000% (was precisely 60 seconds on the nose previously). This isn’t just a nerf, this looks like it kills the entire profitability of the site altogether.


I myself was a dedicated EC runner, I fly a vindicator which can speedrun 9-10 conduits an hour. Newbros in our corp can follow me into the conduits and earn some good isk to kickstart their eve journey. I also used that income to purchase new stations/fuels for the corp and, of course, supplying my omega status.

And now, we’re struck back to where we are, either choose mining like a dog in the belts for pocket change, running level 4 missions for a little bit more pocket change, or joining the incursion fleet. Incursions aren’t an common option anymore since current highsec site spawns can’t sustain a large number of players. Conclusion is, we can hardly earn enough to pay our omega, or anything else we were able to afford.

The 2 points that pissed me the most. First, instead of trying to resolve bot issues, CCP chose the crude way and destroyed not only bots, but also those who actually spent their time and efforts to earn what they deserve. Another point, I believe being an old news, is WHY IT’S ALL HIGHSEC THAT GETS NERFED?! They simply can’t accept the truth that a large portion of players are not risk seekers, they just want a rather relaxing, low risk environment. Making highsec a barren wasteland does not push players to nullsec, it pushes the players OUT OF THE GAME. Even if we use the isk earned from EC to plex our accounts, we’re still supporting CCP since someone still has to purchase the PLEX to sell them to us.

Once again, great work CCP.


Did you have full ascendancy set and 66% web ? That was the breaking point for me. (actually just needed IIRC 64% web to be able to one shot the frigs)

Regarding the newbros on follow, what is the value of the minerals in an EC site if players follow you in and hang around to mine it? I assume yours have been salvaging and looting, probably not mining, but does anybody know the approx. value?

Emerging Conduits provided a very interesting min/max scenario for me to work on, and I was given a very good challenge to defeat as well - could I do better than the ubiquitous Vindicator that everyone went directly to for this?

I found that Golem, properly fit, was able to hit all the beats of this gameplay loop faster than any other hull.

  1. It can be fit with enough raw damage and application that it volleys every single enemy in the site save for the Vedmak, which takes three volleys
  2. Grapple applies within one tick, and has a two second cycle. Paint applies immediately, and has a five second cycle. Torpedo launchers can be brought down as low as 5.5-ish seconds, and will therefore always have the target properly grappled and painted by the time the cycle comes up. No waiting, no partial-damage hits.
  3. Bastion provides immunity from guidance disrupts. Still no waiting, no partial-damage hits.
  4. Bastion also allows for sufficient tank with minimal slot usage
  5. Remaining room allowed for knocking align down to 6 ticks, and warp up to 5.3 AU/s

With this setup, one could achieve hands-down the fastest consistent payout-to-payout times with a single vessel, and despite that build’s extreme cost, still pay it off in a reasonable amount of gameplay time.

Now, this is no longer relevant, appropriate, or available.

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Those ore are worthless regarding isk/m3, but you get megacyte and Zydrine, which normally come from lowsec ores.


I have 2 abyssal webs, both 63% and 15km range, so I can web and kill the vedmak fast. Destroyers and frigates got one shot.

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You can still try it out in trig invaded systems where roaming fleets are all over the place. But the overpowered leshak can suck your cap dry in a minute, if you have means against that I believe Golem will be much better than vindi.

Where I’m at. Most people went in with dominixes. I saw one dedicated vindi pilot. A handful of snakes and then I, the orca.

Decisions like this is why I recently started playing other games.

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They stated they will be capping the triglavian survey drops to 5 per hour per player.

I would appreciate if you can provide the source for this, please

That does sound as if it may function with tweaks, but the purpose and viability of this build existed because it was able to max out the Emerging Conduit gameplay loop better than anything else. I do not believe the profitability available now warrants the sort of investment and gank risk this represents. RIP this build/activity, basically.

Yeah, I’m gonna need a source for this.

good that it happens today, so i save 1,8B for a nice fit

So imagine what someone could do running them for several hours a day? Or longer…

Sounds like a lot of people were exploiting them with alts, not just with bots. The rewards we’re likely incompatible with the risk and needed to be slowed down.

so that means in your opinion mining in a fleet full of alts is also exploiting?