Spawn rate of EDECOM sites seems to be broken


the spawn-rate in null-sec appears to be broken. I only found two sites after an hour of warping through null-sec. Out of the two sites I found, one was already half run.

I was avoiding the busy systems and routes, but I didn’t even see a site for many tens of minutes.

My suggestion: If you want to make certain items scarce, please think about changing the drop rates. Don’t just make the entire sites scarce so that the “content” is to warp around in a battlecruiser. That is just not fun.

Thanks for thinking about this. o/

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AAS-8R has two. D85-VD has five. Maybe you should try NPC null?

I am not in NPC null space…

Perhaps your friends in the Blue Donut have already picked over all the sites. Hardly surprising.

Nah, I think both the spawn and drop rates are stingy.

You guys always act so surprised? Every event is the same.

This is why we want to post this feedback here. Maybe CCP reads it and will take it into consideration. I saw two sites in my life in the very beginning of the event. Every since then I haven’t seen a single site. I was warping through null-sec for a couple hours to find a single one. I did not find a single site recently.

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