Combat anoms spawning

Do combat anoms only spawn in a system where the combat anoms are not ran? I ask because their are 24 combat anoms in a high sec island deep in low sec, while most the region has none.

Do combat anoms despawn if no one runs them? I am asking because having nothing to do is getting REALLY OLD!

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They are tired to areas, so once it’s completed it spawns someplace else in the area, I think most are constellation based but some could be region based I’m not sure. They do eventually despawn if they aren’t run.

I’m not sure why this is keeping you from having stuff to do though. Generally understanding this let’s you find areas that are full of sites to run as opposed to making it hard for you to find ones.

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Sites when finished spawn elsewhere (in constellation or region? not sure).

So if a lot of people are running the sites only in specific systems and everyone ignores other systems because they are ‘too far away’, ‘out of the route’ or ‘too dangerous’, it’s only natural that a lot of the sites will gather in those systems where nobody runs them.

As explorer I really like finding one of such systems with 5+ sites. And during some earlier events I also had a lot of fun running the sites in one particular system that other people were ignoring.

Go take a risk and do all the sites in that high sec island!


I don’t know much about the inner clockwork here but…

In my experience, I’ve found that it seems like anom spawning have a pattern linked to the day of the week.
This may sound crazy, but it is what I’ve found and checked many times with same results.
Weekends tend to populate a majority of hack sites, for example.

Some may say that yes, it is because anoms are grinded mostly on wknds… and they could be on point. But… I’ve tested and checked many times… the results are the same.

In essence, it seems that no matter how you ride the constellation, combat sites are seldom seeded on weekends and they just don’t respawn, while on weekdays, the chances of respawn within the same constellation do exist.

I have not brought this to forums but I’d like to know what other players have found and if there’s a casual DEV around, could perhaps clarify.

have you considered human factor? I do my trips after work around same constellations/regions. Clearing all sites possible. I won’t be surprised that you just follow “wake” of one or two players that simply play on weekend, doing only combat sites.

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Indeed… as I explained, I’ve tested many times in many places during some years now.
And the question is… they do, or do not respawn?

My answer is, no. Not with the same chances as they do on weekdays. Believe me, even tho I don’t know the exact mechanism within the code, my results don’t vary. I think perhaps there is a limit of respawn per down cycle and then a week cycle… I don’t know… Those are just my findings.


I have experienced something similar:

I got much more relic sites in a certain region if I went there while the local residents were asleep. I knew their timezone and I could make a lot of ISK by exploring when the competition was lowest.

The human factor is what causes you to find many or few sites.

When a site is run (sigs, anoms), they respawn in the same constellation. If for some reason one of the systems is less popular to visitors e.g., a lowsec island in hisec, after some time the sigs and anoms will tend to pile up there when they are not run.

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Well the systems are not in the same constellation but they are in the same region. The two systems now have 60+ combat anoms in them.


Sounds like a fantastic opportunity to get a ship there to run them all.

A veritable gold mine sir
But indeed a bit too rich. Perhaps file a ticket and let ccp have a look at it ?

I don’t think anything is wrong with the game if everyone refuses to run the combat sites in one system as they think that system is ‘too dangerous’ for them and as a result the sites gather there.

Also, players have the tools to deal with it.

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Combat anomalies are tied to regions. For example anomaly x will always spawn in region y and if it’s not run within 3 days it will respawn again somewhere in region y.
Some systems tend to accumulate more than others because they are considered too dangerous to run the anomalies or are cut off by systems that are considered dangerous (high sec islands).

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I’m 90% sure that combat anoms (and signatures) are tied to system security level, and can hop from one region to another. The reason I say that is I remember finding so many Serpentis Dens in Solitude, and discovered that they escalated into null sec next door (Syndicate), hence no-one ran them. I assume the Dens accumulated from other regions over time.

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Your reply makes no sense. Even if they are tied to system security (they aren’t). Solitude don’t have some sort of unique security status that causes more of them spawn there.

If I remember correctly, max range for escalation is around 10 jumps. Considering how small solitude is. There is no surprise that most escalations end beyond it’s hisec island. Dens escalate to 5/10 and can escalate in hisec. I’ve been running many 5/10 escalations in 1.0 sec systems. Not sure if dens spawn in high sec status systems (0.8 and up) but they don’t spawn only in 0.5 systems. They just have higher tendency to spawn in system with lower sec status and that’s where they pile up.

tl;dr since dens escalate to 5/10 and have only really small chance for commander spawn. It’s understandable that they are left over when 99% of escalations will end up in null. Because if you don’t have T3C you probably can run them efficiently in hostile territory. Making them worthless. While refuges and below that escalate into 4/10 and below (expect angel refuge that also escalate in 5/10) can be run in cheap, exposable ships. So players might take risk to run them in solitude and run escalations in neighboring null or low sec.

It end up not being tl;dr but who cares lol

Not going to happen! They have the gate camped and can escalate with capitals. Nothing in high sec combat anoms is worth that.

Then try to slip something through that can break through a gatecamp.

Fast aligning nullified covops T3C comes to mind, with refit in cargo for the combat sites.

Nothing in high sec combat anoms is worth risking an expensive ship.

Not even 60+ combat anoms?