Combat anoms spawning

If pulling 500 mil to 1 bil + from one site is not worth risking t1/navy cruiser. I really don’t know what will. Especially when most of sites are behind accel gates where to get caught you must slap you face into keyboard and fall asleep…

no anoms in HS gives an average 500M to 1B.

They are not ; they can. Basically anoms (and signatures) have a set of systems they can spawn in. Also they respawn once finished ; but they respawn mainly in whichever constellation the job is working on.

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pairing hs anoms and “average” is a joke or trolling. This isn’t activity with consistent income.

High Sec combat anoms might give you 500K- 1M isk total for each site. That is salvage, bounties and loots. So 30M- 60M isk is not worth an expensive ship.

I’m not being a smart a$$. How do these sites = "nothing to do?

As far as I know, you’ll never even know that they’re there unless you open your probe menu.

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He’s a chronic complaining grindbear.

If things take brain effort he rages, if things don’t make him money he rages.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much it…

Each faction’s sites will only appear in their designated regions (with the exception of Rogue Drone sites, which can appear anywhere). For example, Metropolis, Heimatar and Molden Heath regions have Angel Cartel rats, and therefore only Angel Cartel and Rogue Drone combat sites can be found there.

The difficulty of possible combat anomalies depends on the security status of the system, with higher security status equating to easier sites. Within High-sec (security status 1.0 to 0.5), sites in the lowest difficulty tier (in terms of difficulty/ value) will be found. Low-sec (security status of 0.4 to 0.1) contains the middle tier, and the highest tier will be found within Null-sec. The security level of the space where Rogue Drone sites are found also affects the difficulty of the site.