What influences the number of combat anomalies in a system? anom

What the title says.What elements increase or decrease the number of combat anomalies in a system?

To me if a site is ran soon after it spawned, the more likely more will spawn.

No one but CCP knows the algorithm. But what is believed is that they simply respawn immediately in the same region/cluster/security band randomly once completed (or on downtime of the 4th day if they were started but never finished).

So the main thing that influences the number in a system is how many are run by players. That means busy systems tend to have less, as they don’t last very long, while backwater systems accumulate them. This means that places like highsec islands, and certain wormholes can collect many dozens, while you are very unlikely to see more than a few in busy systems near trade hubs and other populations centres.

There may be more nuance to it, but if you are trying to find them, just go where the other players aren’t.


Well, that’s easy: Players who complete them. :smile:
Black Pedro showed the consequences of that simple fact.
Around Jita, there’s mayhem during each AGENCY event and half a dozen site runners in every new anom while in the remotest corners of Heimatar, Everyshore, or even Nullsec you can be the lonesome ratboy all day.

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