Anomaly spawning mechanics question

Hello, new player here.

I’ve been searching for a home base in Low Sec and notice some dead end systems have a very large number of random anomalies (in the 20 plus range). I also noticed the number of players in those systems seem to coincide with the number general. I.E. No anomalies, no players… 20 anomalies, 8 or so players.

Based on the active player count, do anomalies tend to re-spawn in the same systems, time and time again with a general volume of the previous days? Or have I just been seeing some amazing explorers happening upon these numerous sites, just as I was passing by?

Thanks for your insight.

They do not. Only Sov Null sec have mechanics in place that force anomalies to spawn. What you see is the result of several days of anomaly farming in the region while everyone ignored this particular system and they kept piling up there. Personally, I think you don’t have good luck finding these anomaly piles because the people in system likely camp them, which means you likely will end up in deep trouble. Depending on the system and if it has a station, you might also want to check for L4 security agents, which draw people to the system.

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What Rivr said.

The “perks” of low- and NPC nullsec is that it is very valuable but since those anomalies are gank magnets, only few will do them. You will get more isk if you stumble upon a DED complex or have a location for one. Or do the missions.

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