DED in lowsec, what's the best way to find them?

I’ve seen some discussion and videos online stating that farming DED sites is one of the most lucrative ways to do ratting in lowsec.

I wanted to try and do them on Singularity to figure out ships and strategies, but there’s someone that it’s not clear to me… how can I find them?
I know they are either scanned signatures or escalation from normal combat anomalies, but is there a way that is more reliabale than the other?

If running anomalies is the best way to spawn them, do you know what are the rates of escalation? As in… if I ran 10 anomalies and got 1 escalation, should I consider myself unlucky, lucky, or very lucky?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to satisfy my curiosity, sadly I have seen a lot of videos about doing DED sites but haven’t found anything about what it takes to find them.

There are two ways of getting/finding DED sites;

  1. Scanning cosmic signatures - Combat sites can be rated or unrated DEDs.
  2. Running anomalies and hope for escalations (expeditions)
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Thanks! I get that, but I was looking for some hints on whether one way is more efficient than the other. Aka whether in practice people hunting for DED do only one of the two or both. I apologize if I wasn’t clear.

If for example (not accounting for DED level) there is a 10% chance of getting an escalation from an anomaly but only a 1% chance of finding one in a system, one might choose to start doing anomalies instead.

A Cosmic Signature can be one of the following things:

  • Combat Site (Rated/unRated DED)
  • Data Site
  • Relic Site
  • Gas Site
  • Wormhole

Based on this you have a 20% chance of a Signature to be what you’re looking for, theoretically you should aim to be able to runs Data/Relic Sites on the side of your Combat Sites, this will increase you chance of a Signature being usefull to you (one way or the other) to 60%.

On the topic of escalations I believe that the chance of getting an escalation is somewhere between 1-5%, so on good runs you should expect that 1 out of 20 will give an escalation.

The activity in the area in which you are searching have high influence on whether or not you will find suitable Signatures in a system, in my experience (mostly from HS or Null) people will often just ignore Unrated Combat Sigs and in Data/Relic sites they will ignore empty or cans with near 0 in values (scanned using cargo scanner) in the sites and thus the signature will remain in space.

Another thing that you could be looking for, while scanning/running anomalies, is a specific type of belt rat (found in asteroid belts) which will drop Soldier Tag, it’s name will have “clone”-something in it. the tag has a 100% drop rate (from the few videos I’ve seen about it)

Cherry pickers suck… when anomaly/sig is done it (not exactly the same) will respawn shortly in same constellation - so cherry pickers hurt themselves as well.

And hauler spawns :slight_smile: Those elara mods are quite nice source of isk.

This is only for anomalies. Signatures have a “cooldown” before it respawns after it’s completion, or at least that is my belief.

Sure, there is cooldown - but it will be back shortly (I didn’t do proper check on how long it takes, do keep in mind it respawns in constellation, not necessarily in same system)

Oh? I thought those signatures would wonder around the whole region?

AFAIK CCP removed static DED sites from the game.

They now move around the constellation.

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Unless that’s a recent change this is incorrect. It’s pretty easy to test by having an entire constellation scanned out and clearing a DED. You can then check all systems in the constellation. As far as I am aware, they respawn within the same region, not constellation. The same holds for relic/data sites.

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Thanks for the answers everyone!

Seems like finding DED sites might be hardeither way. Maybe I will have to try doing unrated sites to see if they are good enough.

Or find a 0.1 security with a lot of Asteroid belts and hope the income is good enough.

Finding ded sites is quite easy in my experience. As for 0.1/0.2 - if you can deal with clones soldiers there it can be quite lucrative. Same with besieged covert research anoms in low sec - if you can deal with mordu battleships you can get anything from 2M to 400M per site (talk about variability of loot). Personally I like drone deds due to far lower variability of result (fewer jackpots but also fewer “shadow serpentis adaptive nano membrane” (or equivalent).

Really? That’s cool! Do you find them by scanning?

Yes. If you go for ded 2 and lower end unrated you should be able to do them in sunesis (or astero if you want to alos do ded 1). If you install some hyperspatials for faster traversing of systems (as you will be doing quite a bit of hopping around looking for sigs). Astero is nice cause you can also double dip into explo (you will be scanning anyway so you will find some data/relic sites anyway).

You can consult for more information about any given ded plex.

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Thanks for the info! I had already looked at the page, but not hard enough, because I didn’t realize I’m also supposed to blow up non-red structures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I’ve never flown an Astero, since as an alpha I thought it was a waste doing that without cloak, but I might change my mind, or find another pve frigate.

Oh, another thing? Would you know anything about ISHAEKA sites? They seem to have CONCORD/faction rats inside, but before trying to do that I’d like to be sure I won’t become a wanted terrorist or something :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: looked a bit better, seems like you get a reduction of securyity status. Might try to do one on Singularity for fun (I know, I’ll probably blow up, but who cares, it’s SiSi!)

You do lose some CONCORD standing but not sec status. You definitely lose some Amarr standing.

Oh, and they’re not easy. Prepare to blow up. Best possible drop, from my experience, is a NApoc print.

I’ll probably try it only on Sisi just to see how it feels to stick it to THE MAN!

Annyway, I’ve tried to scan around in Genesis (always on Sisi to test fits), in 9 different systems I’ve only found 1 3/10 DED. I guess it will be hard to find them no matter what

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