No more DED sites in hs since latest mission changes

Since alphas can’t do lev4 missions its almost impossible to find these sites even in Minmatar space, 32 jumps from Jita. Bealive it or not, chance to find DED sites is now 80 or even 90% down… We have alphas rogue infestations now, and their drop rate is zero. What is the point for this ban, they are just doing ded’s, escalations and cosmos sites for more or less same money. Because of this we are forced to do more non contested stuff like missions, abyss etc… Give back missions to alphas or adjust the respawn rate properly.

You say, you as Omega can’t compete with Alphas for DED sites?

I do think there was a change to respawn rates of sites or something - (based on nothing just a feeling) it does feel like there are less anomalies all around. I am a fan of this though because the trails of highsec are just pounded! It’s time to play in deeper waters. Also my luck as far as DED drops have been amazing :sparkles:

Cynabal BPC’s everytime. Good luck to you.

Sounds like you need to go run some L4s instead. If they got kicked out of missions, and came to run the DEDs, then you should go run the missions since you’re Omega.


Last I checked, 4s are more lucrative than running DEDs in High anyways. That said, I get it that that might not be the sole factor in which playstyle one chooses. My advice is to check other locations. It’s true that I’ve been seeing a bit more Alpha-ready cruiser and frig boys running around where I routine, but I still see quite a few sites go untouched pretty commonly. There are plenty places in Eve that see little to no traffic daily and are literal breeding grounds for running DEDs. Another is to maybe getting a cheap clone and fit set up and giving Low/Null a shot or even tracking down a wormhole for a change. Hell, I’ve been thinking of doing the same since 4s are getting pretty tedious (to put it lightly) at this point. Either way, good luck.

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change space from overcrowded gurstas and angels to something else.

Or better idea, learn first something about things you do in game before starting dumb crying topic.

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I made 100 mil from 4 DED sites on super high sec just yesterday, probably 3s and 4s , I did not bother checking my Stratios can handle the heat :smiley:

So nope DED sites seem fine

Also every 5 -6 anomalies now I get an escalation near by that drops usually a 30 mil loot.

The only weird thing is that it seems Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse was nerfed to death it used to drop 50 mil average and now it drops 2 mil average . Maybe its intentional I dont know but I decided to move to DED sites anyway because I have now the ships that can easily handle them.

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Hes sayin that all the alphas jumped into DED sites due to the L4 nerf so badly that they are being completely overfarmed now and hes unable to get / find any DED spawns. I noticed this as well, though I do not care much about it otehr then it was a nice option to break monotony which is now gone.

This is subjective to timezones, prime time etc. but as it is rigth now still sucks.


Lest revert game to sub only since game must be p2w because people who pay want all op stuff for itself…

Go to other regions, not farm sites where everyone do them and you are ok. There hare hundreds dead system in hisec with many anomalies and sites. And no, you wont get more isk doing sites for angels or guristas since you probable will run half less or no sites in this overcrowded zones.

In my normal exploration trip (~20 system route in few hours and all escalations done next day with scanning each system from escalation to escalation) 500 mil each 2-3 days is minimum with general profit around 1 bil or more.

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Its not about isk, Im living in a wh from very start, for past 2 months Im on a vacation in hs… Never tried anything in hs before, so Im doing a little bit of everything, but this sites just disappeared… Yea I will have to change region, even the lonliest systems in minmatar which were always full with deds, are almost always clean now

Another thing that you could try is to run L4 missions, Data/COSMOS, DED, and other high paying jobs away from the regional trade hub(s) roughly 3 to 4 jumps out should be fine to avoid the large contests for the job(s) in question

lol, im in metro 32 jumps from jita, and I know all lonely systems around, but DEDs are like 10 times harder to find anywhere… For couple of months I had my usual route through lonely systems, but its all empty now, in any time zone… I know what I can do and I don’t have isk problems, btw lev 4s are the most boring thing in this game, I just loved doing DED sites with my alts, and killing people who try to steal…

How often does this happen? I might try a PVP fit Stratios or VNI.

Go to guristas space. In almost any site you will have visitors.

That won’t work. Your stratios deals too low DPS, and is too slow, to take the commander, so you will just increase the runner’s isk per hour by making it easier for him.

remember a good ded4 runner can have 600+ overheat DPS… and then you add drones on the commander.

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