Replacement level 4 missions?


I’m a very casual alpha player that liked to do some level 4 missions once in a while. I logged in today and noticed that level 4 missions are not possible to do as a alpha anymore.

I was wondering if there are things alpha players can do with the same difficulty as level 3/4 missions in high sec?

Thank you in advance

Abyssal space tier 2 and 3 should be doable for alphas aswel as DED sites

Run Level 3s in a BC? Oracles are really nice for that purpose in Amarr space. And you do not need to waste ships and ammo like in Absyss space.

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Thank you for the responses, I tried Abyssal space but didn’t like it. as for DED sites are lvl 4 sites as much fun as level 4 missions? And how much time does it cost to find them? I don’t know anything about exploration.

You can blitz most of Level 3 security missions as alpha pilot in Machariel. Income will be smaller, but not that much smaller, cause you will finish more missions in same time interval.

Try to pay for Omega? There are much interesting content behind… You should try to do some pvp, some hand shaking solo with a t1 frigate or destroyer. It’s really possible with alfa. A lot of interesting activity just waiting for you.

This should help get you started:

IIRC the levels don’t match up against the Mission levels, for e.g a DED site rated 4/10 will only allow a cruiser to access the site.

As for finding them, you’ll need to scan them down or get an escalation from completing an anomaly (no need to scan these down).

There’s a table on this page that shows which anoms can escalate to which DED sites.

Best of luck.


I’m looking to have some challenge and fun, I don’t really care about income.

I play a few hours a month max, not worth for me to pay. And I’m also not interested in pvp.

I noticed that the ded complexes are super easy in high sec, thank you for the explanation.

I guess I will stop playing for now and hope the missions will come back at some point.
Thank you to all who took time to help me out.

If you’re after a new challenge, this could be it:


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Hey dude uninject 2 mil sp and sell it then put in +5 implants and remap to perception willpower and train spaceship command skills. Use the money to go omega then keep uninjecting the skills you just learned. You’ll get all of the benefits of being omega except your skills won’t train. So if you’re happy with your skill set and want to do lv4s that’s an option. Also you can respec your skills this way by training new ones you like and uninjecting old ones you don’t want whenever it’s time to buy plex.

This also works without remapping attributes it just costs a bit more isk per month but it’s gonna be a couple hundred million, not 2 bil.

Then, my friend, do what I did!

Run them in a destroyer! It’ll demand your wit, attention and tinkering with fittings!
The less you need to warp out, the better you’ll be doing!

Hint: long range is the way to go! : D

But you have to be ready for pvp interested in you. I know some groups of players entering which you have to kill somebody in hisec. It is horrible but true.

Daytriping into WH. With limited time you play you probable will get more reward than in missions and with natural idea of how WH works in eve you will get more fun, challenge and adrenaline than you think even if you will be just avoiding pvp.

DED sites are now extremely hard to find…

DED 4/10 are 5 times easier then l4s

WH or Tier 2-3 abyss than. Gila all the way.

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