[GUIDE] Advanced Drone Handling

They kill for you, they die for you. But do you actually know them?

This guide is about drones. It covers some basics to make sure every reader is on the same page and goes into more details later. Some things you might not know, even after years playing because you know, it’s EVE.

Here is the list of things covered:

  1. What are Drones?
  2. Differences between T1, T2 and Faction
  3. The “best” Drone
  4. Drone Boats
  5. Useful Modules
  6. Sentry Drones - the “Space Artillery”
  7. Utility Drones
  8. Essential Skills
  9. Organisation & Keybindings
  10. Managing NPC Aggression
  11. Lost them?

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Also if you find any typos or other mistakes, please let me know so I can fix it. If you have other questions about drones, drone boats or fittings, feel free to ask.

Fly safe. o7

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Hi, nice short little guide.

Saw a few typos, nothing too serious though, do a spellcheck on it if you want.

Anyway, always good to have guides available for reference.

Thanks for sharing.

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few little things;
your document formatting you used to make this guide may have caused some mixup in module category…

  • nav comp is mid slot
    -link augmentor is high slot
    -omnidirectional tracking link is mid slot - and talk about scripts
    -omnidirectional tracking enhancer is low slot but cannot use scripts


-drone sharpshooting
-advanced drone avionics. not just needed for ECM drones but increases drone control range for all drones.

Webbing your own drone seems like a good way to get it killed.

T1 drones are vastly cheaper than the others and some consider that is a point in favor of them…to think of drones as almost expendable like ammo.

Perhaps talk about how to set your drones to agressive / passive?

I like how you have made a basic guide with links to more in-depth E-uni articles. Perhaps emphasize drone users (and all pilots, imo) should read those a bit more?

Nice little guide, kudos.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I fixed that crazy formatting. No idea how that happened. :grimacing:

True, I wouldn’t recommend to do that.

Also added the passive/aggressive-thing. Thanks for mentioning. :slight_smile:

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