[GUIDE] Rogue Drone Event: Highsec Combat Sites as Alpha for ~40m / Worm for Lowsec

Hello, the following Algos-Fitting was tested in the Highsec Combat Sites and works well as well for appropriatly skilled Alpha Clones:

The tl:dr goes as follows:

  • kite away
  • use Caldari Navy Hornets
  • profit

The T2 Guns and T2 Shield Extener can be downgraded if needed. You main DPS will come from your Faction Navy Drones. So If you are worried about tank, you can also remove the guns entirely.

If you want to learn in general more about drones, check out another Guide of mine: Advanced Drone Management


24-09-2021: Updated post with Worm fitting that can run the Lowsec Sites.

P.S.: If you have feedback, I’d be glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Did you try using purgers on the Worm for LS? I’m wondering if it would be better.

I in fact did not.

But I imagine you can get a good result with that approach, given the Worm is a Guristas ship.

However engaging the Nest Overseer at the end might be a bit dangerous if you don’t have actual hitpoints in your shields, so I would not skip the double Shield Extenders in the mids.

Can confirm it works with 3 x Core Defence Field Purger II. I put an EM Resistance Amplifier in the spare mid slot and I’m running AB, but I think the prop mod is probably a matter of choice.

I did 3 1/2 LS sites. I’m pretty confident that it works. I should probably point out I’ve good skills and using Augmented Hornets for the extra dps. I guess a little heat on the final boss might be needed if you don’t have these things.

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