[GUIDE] The Drone Boat Starter Guide

this guide is intended for new players and get them started in PvE with Drone Boats.
Of course, Tristan, Algos, and Vexor are the focus of this guide.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are Drones and Drone-Boats?
  2. Fitting Examples:
  3. Frigate: Tristan
  4. Destroyer: Algos
  5. Cruiser: Vexor
  6. Shield vs Armor Tank
  7. How to fly a Drone-Boat in PvE
  8. Skill plans & Cheat Sheet – what to train first so you don’t have to sit around idling
  9. Ships for Later

Fly safe. o7

Other guides: Ninja Gas Mining (for Alphas) | Advanced Drone Handling | more on my blog
Also on Twitter: @thegreybill

  • Amarr utilizes drones and missiles with plus armor-tank.

should read

  • Amarr utilizes drones and turrets with plus armor-tank.

Only a few Ammar hulls favor missiles. Most of them use laser turrets.

To be fair, Amarr drone boats are rarely bonused for two weapon systems. It’s usually Drones + Neuts (Dragoon, Armageddon) or Drones + Weapon disruptors (Arbitrator) or all Drones + Neuts + Weapon disruptors (Curse, Pilgrim).

The only situation that I can find in which an Amarr drone boat is also bonused for a non-drone weapon system is the Legion with Assault Optimization subsystem, which is bonused for drones + missiles.

So to say in the context of drone boats that Amarr favours drones and missiles is more accurate than to say drones and lasers. It would be drones or lasers.

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