[GUIDE] Save Travels - A Guide to Nullified Transportation in EVE Online

Hello again! :wave:

This one startet with an innocent list of Interceptor fittings with modest skill requirements, intended for (relatively) save travels from high to null-sec space and back. But as usual, there are more than fitting aspects to consider when doing things in EVE.
So this #guide is about Interceptors for travelling purposes, and some tricks around that which can increase the chances of arriving in one piece at your final destination. :wink:

As always constructive feedback is very much appreciated! I’m pretty sure there are a lot of typos and other errors I just don’t see anymore after reading it too often. So please, feel free to be a “Grammer-Nazi”. :kissing_heart:

List of Content:

  1. Nullification of Nullifiedness
  2. Story Time
  3. Warp Drive Active
  4. Smart Bombs - How To: Avoid your Death
  5. Priorities
  6. Finally Fittings
  7. Planning a Route
  8. Ansiblex Jump Gates
  10. Final Thoughts

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Also on Twitter: @thegreybill


Nice write up, thanks for sharing.

Blog bookmarked for future reference.


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