Tengu Bubble Protection

I recently returned and on my tenge I used to carry a travel fit with nullification subsystem for travelling in nullsec btw the fights. with the nullification changes it seems I don’t need it anymore. I can have the nullifier fitted and it will allow me to warp away if there is a bubble but with a 3 min reactivation delay. So I would have to park somewhere after the bubble and wait if I don’t want to risk getting catches after the next bubble. So is the dedicated subsystem only useful if you are travelling far with many jumps?
And does the nullifier somehow interact with the warp core stab or do they work independently?


You need the subsystem fitted in order to fit and use the nullifier. The nullifier alone should not work, the subsystem alone does not work. Warp core stab and nullifier have no interaction, but are both active modules now, with similar activation mechanics.

You have to activate the nullifier before you hit warp, then it will evade bubbles for the entire warp path (start and end). For travel, where you are not going to manage to initiate two warps within the same cycle time, this cycle time is actually counting to the cooldown penalty, so use the module version with the shortest cycle time (T1) for travel.

You can activate the nullifier under gate cloak without breaking it, so escape wise you are in the same spot as before the change.


hmm I have my tengu now without the nullifier module (chassis optimisation instead) and a nullifier II equipped and I can activate it. The fitting description just says it is limited to certain ships including T3 cruisers. So it looks to me that the nullifier subsystem would only be of benefit to receive -80% on cycle and +100% on duration time of the nullification. As well as less targeting penalty. So as a get-away option for the occasional 1 bubble it is fine without specialised subsystem.

Does it actually work? Interesting, maybe a bug … or better than expected mechanic.

You can fit the nullifier without the subsystem and have the long wait but with the subsystem you get a bonus to the nullifier making it more in line with the interceptor in performance.


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