Returning player in need of help for Alpha level 4 mission and Invasions ship fitting

I’m trying to come back to the game now that it is F2P, my time table not allowing me enough time to justify paying for an Omega clone state. I used to run level 4 missions in a Kronos or support mining fleets in an Orca, which I can’t do anymore, and since mining is so restricted to alpha players, I’m thinking of trying to fit a ship to replace my old marauder.

I have access to a Dominix and a Vindicator, both of which I could also sell to buy the required ship and fitting. I have at least the first level of each faction’s battleship skill with a strong focus on everything Gallente, but lack training in some weapons. I am trained in railguns, blasters, drones, and up to level 3 in energy turrets. I can’t learn skills anymore since I exceed the 5 million points limit.

I wish to be able to run Invasions eventually but need to rebuild my finances first. Any indication on what kind of ship would be good to aim for would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if Invasions fleets would usually allow alpha clones in their ranks.

Any help on a level 4 mission fit and any answer to my Invasions questions would be greatly appreciated.

As an Alpha character, you will not have access to T2 battleship weapons, heavy or sentry drones. Beyond those restrictions your Vindicator is perfectly capable of running level 4 missions and is a preferred hull for incursions. For level 4’s you’ll likely do as well at lower cost with a Megathron or Navy Megathron.

I’m not sure if the incursion communities have put together any Alpha doctrines yet - you can check their forums:

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Actually a small correction… due to how missile skills are set up an alpha does have access to T2 Rapid Heavies which is indeed a T2 battleship weapon. And in terms of cost effective mission runners that can use those T2 missile launchers in conjunction with drones the Armageddon can get 700-850 DPS and a Rattlesnake can get 900-1070 DPS. Do not spring for the Gecko though, the extra 70m cost for an extra 40 DPS that mostly goes into a rat’s best resists anyways really isn’t better than just spending 8-20m isk for a pair or two of correct damage type faction heavies.

Basically Armageddon gets armor tank and the ability to lean on 40K+ range Nos to completely avoid needing cap charges with a respectable armor tank while the Rattle can get over 700 EHP/s recovery off shield boosting but is going to eat cap charges in heavy combat. Either way don’t expect to spend less than ~550m for a decent L4 mission BS that clears things decently fast.


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