L4 Mission Runner. Alpha Clone

Hey. Returning Player looking to get back into a bit of EVE Currently on an Alpha Clone. looking to find a few idea for a mission fit ship for L4 misisons.

I use to use a passive tanked Nighthawk way back when but it seems my beloved misison runner is both Omega only and also a Drake hull. ewwwwww

i was however looking at a drake as i remember them to be quite reliabe and cheap to fit out but it seems battleclinicis also dead so i have no idea what to fit one with anyway.

the rattlesnake looks cool aesthetically imo but seems to be more active tanked than not. and it seems at least alpha cap skills arent so hot… some of my oldships that used to be stable now seem to deplete pretty quick :frowning: another reason why i was looking at a passive drake but, trying to keep options open.

as an omega 'im pretty well skilled in heavy missiles cruise missiles. and torpedos, decent engineering and electronics stuff. i can fly a caldari carrier as well as black ops and virtually anything caldari. i think i was only 1 or 2 skills away from being able to get the drones for a carrier. obviously though a lot of that is locked out being alpha but hopefully it gives an insight into where my skills are at wqithout having to list em all.


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Alpha clones can no longer accept level 4 missions.


It might have been changed, but I think in one of the last patches they removed l4 missions for Alpha accounts.

Apart from that, the Rattlesnake is a solid Alpha ship.

As others mentioned, you can no longer do L4’s… upgrade to Omega to get that back, and go to a rattle or Raven (my choice for a long time, now using golem)
Drake was nerfed quite a ways back, so it’s basically become a meme, but still a good ship for L3’s.

I think with the recent buff to heavy missiles the Drake might actually be ok again (although of course much worse than any of the other mentioned ships), especially if you stick with kinetic-weak enemies like Guristas and Serpentis.

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on my main account, when doing missions with newbs, when i could get their standings and skills high enough, before they lost L4’s I would work them into a drake. it is still my preferred ship for L3’s and beginning into L4 especially with other runners, until something bigger can be used.

You can still run level 4 missions if you fleet up with an Omega buddy. Best solution is to upgrade your trial account to Omega, if you can.

  1. Uprade to omega, problems solved.

  2. Cartriers don’t use drones anymore, only fighters.

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