WH Combat site respawn reduction c5 post Guardians Gala Patch


So i have been in a C5 for some time and after this Gala patch, I see more connections to other wormholes.
That is fine, but,
before the patch, there would be at least 2 Combat sites spawns each 24h, yes I like combat sites :slight_smile:

Now, last 24 H there has been 0 new combat signature spawns but 5 new spawns to Whs. This is very unusual.
Ofc it has only been like this for 24H and is too early to say if it is gonna be like this from now on.

Has anyone else notice this?

The mechanics for respawns isnt time based.


CCP doesn’t want you to have too much enjoyment in 24 hrs, also you might profit and we can’t have that.

Wormhole site spawns are very likely based on activity in other wormholes of the same class/constellation, so if you’re not finding sites is probably because other people aren’t running them in their holes. Why? New wandering spawn rates makes it a lot riskier, especially since high class wormholes form a sort of web of connections right now.


As far as we know, The wormhole sites spawn mechanics has not yet changed.
Due to recent bug found in Sisi ( Drifter had orbited target at 60km ) and increased wandering connections, C5 farmers might have run less sites after the patch.
If other people in C5 space run less sites, you will have less chance of spawning sites in your space.