New citadel module: Z248 generator (WH static to null)

C248 is a WH connection to null, that allow capital ships to jump through.
My suggestion is to let any (even C1) wormhole to have one. But only if you have Fortizar or Keepstar in your wormhole, fitted with new module. That module will consume rather large amount of fuel, but allow your fellow members to invade some random null sec system with capital ships.

+more life in wormhole
+more pressure on ratting bots in null
+more WH connections from null to … just anywhere.

-your hard earned null sec sweet little home is not as safe as before…

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Feels like this would backfire with greater capital proliferation in null. Basically null groups set up C1 farm production holes and roll the dice on getting a static near their alliance space. Extract the offensive caps or freighters at that point.

Additional questions, does the module only spawn one capital sized wormhole? If not, can it be rage rolled to spawn another cap hole while the module is activated.

Are there limitations on (jump) freighters and Rorquals being able use these holes?

Sounds like a cool idea to me

WH space overrun with caps, no.

Nulls issues won’t be solved they will just become WH issues.

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Yeah, it seems like a real big can of worms.

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