Question about capitals in a C4

Hi all,

A few months ago someone told me that a capital ship in a C4 site could trigger an extra wave or some kind of escalation. Now I’ve been looking for a while, but can’t really find anything about this.

I did find information about high class (c5/6) wormholes.

If anyone has some information about if this indeed also is possible in a C4, pretty please!

Reason: I might want one for home defense and wonder if it would also bring some additional iskies after I’ve rolled all the holes in home :slight_smile:

There are no escalations in class 4 holes. Some of the sites you need to probe down are still broken and you don’t really have to use a capital for them anomalies. But I recommend having a buddy flying with you.

having capitals will offer you a massive advantage over possible invaders who are stuck with subcaps. The negative of this of coarse that your cap can never leave the wormhole