WH C4 defense

Hi boy and girls.

What is the best way to defend a C4? Thinking like this on a future plan for 9 man corp. But we have 27 char online same time at all for all 9 man.

We are not many but we can access all fly 1 cap ships perfectly per man.
I’m thinking something like, use cap ships if big fleet indcoming?

Now we can have 3 thanatos, 2 Phoenix fit for small ships. and 1 Minokawa . and last man in some ships that now fit the opponent who comes. is will mean 6 cap ships and 3 example Bs, some can fly more that one ships at pvp, But is not optimal.

It’s a shame we can’t have Super cap in C4 otherwise we would all have put ourselves in such one each,
or some titans haha!

We are looking for the method that would make it most difficult for people to take over our WH space.
Or come and shoot at our mines

We wanted to destroy WH entry, every time it opens to something bad.
But, there are several things we can do and would cap ships be good at all?

Some ideas or advice how we could do better?
Isk is not a problem only time :rofl:

I only advise using capitals if they are truly trying to destroy your structures. If you use caps otherwise it may lead to them trying to evict you.

In the event someone does try to evict you friends can go a long way.
If someone asks you for an honor brawls I suggest taking it, both for experience and 2 because you will get respect most of the time which may lead to them helping you if you do get someone trying to evict you.

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Ha throwaway character to ask this question huh? Well eviction defense plans are probably opsec for most groups so I doubt you are going to get a detailed response on how exactly to deploy your caps.

There are some things you can do strategically to minimize your chances of being a target and to maximize your chance of a successful defense however. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8yye3r/wormhole_eviction_survival_guide_for_beginners/

“throwaway character” yes this is alt for the purpose forum only, I didn’t want my main identity here and talk about having lots of cap ships or my def setup and then showing who my real char is
Now I have been playing eve for 16 years on my main and long enough to know is can make my WH plan mouch Haarder if know hu and when somebody do anything :slight_smile:

Thanks for link. and i am new for WH, have lever in null for many year, hisec be pirate, pvp corp X13 But i have only be in WH for kill ppl, never build og lived in one before

spam citidels lol

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