Capital ships in WH

Hello, I was hoping to get some advice about moving capitals into a c3/c4 wormhole. Without the “very large” holes how can someone feasible move a capital ship in? with the skills to build them, you’d need an azbel, and then to park them, you’d need a fortizar, correct? is there an easier method?

No. You have to build them in system by anchoring the azbel to build and fortizar to dock. This is true for any low-class (C1-C4) wormhole

i appreciate the response. i figured this was the only way but i thought i’d ask around.

Oï, @Templar_T !

The question of “how to move capitals in lowclass wormholes” have already been answered, I’ll just confirm it : super-large wormholes do not appear below C5 wormholes. However you can still build them in any classes, even C1.

You need at least an Azbel-class Engineering Complex (or if you’re really wealthy, a Sotiyo) for building those ships. However, capitals of any kind (except Freighters and the Orca) cannot dock at Azbel, even if they are built in it. You would need at least a Fortizar citadel, or a staging POS.

Also, I do not know what activities you plan to do with a Dreadnought, Carrier or FAX, but please note that ratting with them in C1 to C4 wormholes is worthless, as multiple subcapitals can do the sites of those wormholes, without putting as much as risk and ISK on grid, like a capital.

You can, of course, use them for defensive purpose, in case another group of capsuleers would like to evict you from your home.

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Thanks for the response. I looked around a bit for the answer and was having a tough time finding it. I did not know that the capital class holes didn’t open below c5 so i appreciate that answer. They were mostly for defensive purposes though. But having to have two large citadels seems a bit overkill to me so i guess that’s a scratched idea. thanks for all the info though!

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