Guides to day tripping

Are there any guides to day tripping around? Be it in video/text/whatever format. I fancy spending a weekend multi-boxing a wormhole op, but it’s been well over 5 years since I did anything vaguely wormhole related.

I’ve got lots of accounts and have just about every ship covered across all the pilots. Would be fun using dreads/carriers, is this feasible?

I’m aware this is a dangerous endeavour but I don’t really mind, if I lose a couple of dreads or whatever so be it.

Thanks in advance!

from my limited knowledge of WH, you will not find a WH that will allow a dread in, those kinds of ships need to be built IN the WH itself.

I think that’s just C4s and under, though I could definitely be wrong.

if your in high sec though and you are trying to find an “in” to WH space then which would you use. Largest thing i’ve seen, in high sec at least is “larger ships can travel through” which is freighter sized (as ive taken a bowhead through one" a dread is too large to get into any WH.

So if you are in a WH already then you maybe able to move system (no idea tbh) but if you are in high sec then you will not be able to get a dread into a WH… can you?

Dreads/Carriers can’t go in hisec at all, so my plan was to stage from lowsec; unsure if that changes things.

i dont think it does but not 100%… good luck with it though.

Thanks. I’d be interested to know if marauders are feasible as I have a bunch of pilots who can fly paladins.

Dreads can enter c5 and c6 space through very large connections from low or null sec. For a one way trip you can bring 3 dreads, this WILL collapse the wormhole. If your intent is also to go back through the wormhole you entered with, you can bring at most one dread.

Thanks for the clarification. My intent was to have a fleet such as 1 Rev (I can pilot all dreads, but from what I’ve read this is currently the best), 1 Noctis, 2 probing ships and perhaps take a small POS with me, starting from lowsec. I’m really just looking for some more detail though, hence why I’m after a guide.

It depends. WH space is a lot more hostile then it was a while ago. First off a few things:

You would need to find a C6 or C5 connection. Most C6 are populated by people who would love to kill your little dread fleet. C5 has some empty systems, but people roam chains, and unless you roll, you will get caught, and you will die.

Sites dont respawn for weeks so you need to be constantly moving.

I would day trip in much lower class wormholes first, get the hang of things. Also, carriers arent used, except for rolling. Yet again, if you are just some krabbing goon who wants to make dank isk, you will get caught, and your fleet will die. If you want to get into wormholes, join a corp.

It depends. WH space is a lot more hostile then it was a while ago. First off a few things:

I’m actually glad to hear it! Nice to know there’s some activity going on…

unless you roll

I was hoping to avoid this, but you’re probably right

I would day trip in much lower class wormholes first

I’m starting to think this is the way to go, Rattles or Mauraders in a C3 to get a taste for it

if you are just some krabbing goon who wants to make dank isk, you will get caught, and your fleet will die. If you want to get into wormholes, join a corp.

Never been a Goon or in a large nullsec alliance for that matter. I used to do wormhole ops with Guillotine Therapy 5 or so years ago and whilst I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t want to live in a wormhole full-time, hence my half baked day-trip idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice

Hey go ahead and shoot me a mail in-game and we can talk later more in-depth. There is only so much I can out in a post lol.

A solo marauder would probably be overkill in a C3 and attract unwanted attention, having someone roll into you while you just started your timer would be bad news. Depending on how good you are with multiboxing, 2 or 3 t2 cruisers or gilas would probably work quite well. A solo rattlesnake also works quite well in a C3.

Hobo Krabbing with Dreads is a thing, just not a terribly common thing.

Generally, you’d take 2x Dreads, one HAW fit and the other with capital guns. Run the sites, then off to the next 'hole. Taking the two dreads means it’s a one-way trip. You may find yourself stuck down the rabbit warren for quite a considerable amount of time. So an extra probing alt and possibly even an Orca and a HIC might be a good idea.

You will want to learn how to collapse WHs safely. When you find an otherwise unoccupied hole with lots of combat anoms, seal it off by rolling all the incoming connections (very easy with a Dread), then get down to a krab’fest.

FYI: The preferred dreads in J-Space are Phoenixes and Naglfars (capless guns yo, very useful when pretty much every WH fleet has at least a couple of Bhaalgorns). Also FYI: Carriers are pretty shite for WH Krabbing.

Honestly, just joining an existing WH corp is probably the simplest solution if WHs interest you.

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(remember kids, don’t do drug ; unless you are guitar stars)

what for ?

Is there are way to stop sleepers targeting drones? Does ECM’ing them still work to draw agro?

no not really. Just pull them and restart. Usually they cant hit, and if they do, just pull them. ECM is a waste. Gilas work, so does rattlesnakes. Gila is 200ish mil a hour, rattle is 300-400mil. They are better since you typically dont need to roll, all you need is a safe spot, and be good at spamming dscan.

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